AOL's How much does it pay? Is it a scam?

Time Warner To End Deal With AOL, Spinning It Off Into Separate Company
AOL's How much does it pay? Is it a scam?

I was looking through Google News for mentions and found this ABC article called "Earn Cash from Home When You Work with Twitter, AOL and Other Online Companies," which talks about how to earn real money online.

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As many Examiner writers know right now, the website has been temporarily removed from Google News while it restructures its local news and national news positions -- and plans to be back in Google's good graces soon. (They are back in Google News! Hallelujah! Forget this thing. Okay, kinda kidding -- but they rejected my article below. I may try again.)

In the meantime, it's been one of those great times to stop and have "second cup cafes" with God and figure out what to do with my life and career. More on that soon -- but in the meantime, that ABC piece led me to AOL's new, which is not one of the scams the author of that ABC piece found.

So I went over to seed and published my first piece -- here's hoping I get published and paid by AOL:

When I do, you'll know I'll tell my readers how much they paid me.

Update: I'm also following this Work-at-Home Mom's forum about -- still trying to find anyone who will publish that actually paid them money in their PayPal accounts.

And I gotta admit that Saul Hansell's new blog post about leaving The New York Times to join AOL called "The Seed Creed" has got me hopeful for more Seed money.

Oh yeah, and I clicked on the "Pay Me Now" button and filled out my W-9 info (gotta figure out where to send that) and my PayPal info and such, just to be prepared for the multitude of monies coming in...

So far, I only see a Yahoo Finance piece where they peeked into the Associated Content forums (small online writing world, heh?) to get an idea of what may pay writers.

I looked through some of the same AC forum and don't see specifics about those who did get articles accepted by and how much they were paid. I do see some people complaining about their work getting rejected for exclusive status (and therefore fell under the non-exclusive, non-paid?) -- but I like to have my own experiences with different online places -- because was a boon for me (paid for my taxes I owe Uncle Sam, praise the Lord!) but to look at the LinkedIn forums, you wouldn't be able to tell that from some of the complainers online.

The deal differs on whether AOL accepts the writing or not -- plus the exclusivity chosen.

Either way, it's an interesting venture and I'm hopeful.

We'll see what's what soon.

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alokshrii said…
Well I think it's all like a scam. They promise to pay for your job but, its not easy to get the money paid.
I've given up on -- I've written three articles and all were rejected.

Admittedly, only one of them was really good. But c'mon!
yes l think is a scam !! l'm a professional cat breeder, and l train cats to perform numerous tricks. l've also discovered the so-called " SECRETS " to get orchids to bloom several times a year. Did accept any of my SIX professionally written articles on cats or orchids ? NO ! Not one !! Yes, it's a scam !!
Drake said…
Huh. They accepted my very first article and I got fifteen bucks. I think it's all just dependent on if they like it, not the quality. I thought the article was sub par, but it did what they asked for. Of course, I grabbed it five hours before the deadline, so that might have helped.

People can be fickle- doesn't make it a scam.
Thanks, Drake -

Because of your comment I headed back over to and checked for the soon-to-expire requests for articles and wrote one up real quick (some I'd already researched) about my dad's World War II experiences. bought the piece for $20 and it's scheduled to be run on their Inside TV Blog.

Lovin' it.

I selected the "Pay Me Now" button and expect the money in my PayPal account soon.
Steve said…
Seed takes way too long just to get to the article to evaluate it. Sometimes over a month. It's not worth writing anything to wait for it to be accepted or rejected.

Constant Contact is much better. They are much faster.
Lynne said…
I think it may be a scam, so far all three articles I have written were rejected, and I don't like how absolutely no feedback is given as to why- all it says is "We loved what we saw, blah, blah, blah". I don't get it.
jennifer said…
I also wrote for, within 5 hours of me submitting my article to them they purchased it. They however have failed to respond to my inquiries about publishing and at this point I have found numerous articles since just like mine...IDK.