Get More Comments on Your WordPress or Blogger Blog by Increasing the Font Size of Your "Leave a Comment" Link...

Get More Comments on Your Blog by Increasing the Font Size of Your "Leave a Comment" Link...

A funny thing happened when I was tweaking my website -- I played around and found the code that directs people to leave a comment, increasing it to 300% -- and soon after, I started getting more comments from real people.

Maybe I'd get a few real comments per day normally (not counting any spam that makes it past the Askimet Wordpress Plugin spam filter) -- but after increasing the text size of my "Leave a Comment" link, I noticeable got more comments. More than 20 yesterday, I noted.

Increase Your "Leave a Comment" Link Text Size on (Self-Hosted Blogs) to Get More Comments

Basically, on WordPress, I searched thru my theme's php files (under Appearance, Editor -- but backup and save your files before you change anything!) till I found the "Leave a Comment" link -- yours may be different based on your WordPress theme -- and wrapped span tags around it, increasing it to 300% font size as such -- click to enlarge:

And the theory was basically the same for increasing the font size of my "Post a Comment" link on my Blogger blog to get more comments...

...hopefully on our Blogger/Blogspot blogs -- but a little more involved in finding the right code.

Under Layout, Edit HTML, first click "Download Full Template" to get a good working copy of your blogger template to save before you change anything.

Then click "Expand Widget Templates" box to get your whole template code showing.

Now, your "Post a Comment" link could say any number of things, based on which Blogger template you're using.

But I was able to find a couple of places that I could increase the comment-leaving link font: I searched for "onclick" and found "data:post.addCommentUrl" wrapped in anchor tags and put the above span code around that section of code, both in the comment count and the "Post a Comment" link displayed at the bottom of each post.

Hope that makes sense.

Your template may vary from mine -- turns out my Blogger template didn't look right with 300% font size below my author name (Written by Paula Mooney) above -- so I made that one 199% and we'll see how many more comments I get on this blogger blog too.

It's amazing how little changes can make bigger differences -- like blowing up the link so that readers can actually SEE where to leave a comment on your blog, instead of hunting around like crazy till they click off.

And, it helps not to make readers jump thru the moon and fill out everything in the world before they leave a comment -- after all, we're not TMZ here -- but I understand wanting to keep the spam down.

But it's nice seeing what real readers think of what we write. Good or good. :-)


You know, That is a crazy idea! I love it! Real comments are really content, and knowing that people are actually reading a post makes me feel good to.
Moni said…
Wat an idea...........Really liked it.
Anonymous said…
Well that's a decent Idea! I'll give it a shot on my runway fashion blog,


Ms.HealthyPeach said…
ohh does it really work? thanks for sharing.

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