Best Day for Blogging and Getting More Website Visitors? Monday, Monday...

Best Day for Blogging and Getting More Website Visitors? Monday, Monday...

Having blogged now for almost four years, I've noticed an interesting trend that other bloggers perhaps have noticed, too.

Mondays seem to burst thru the blogging gate like gang-busters with web traffic and all.

It's funny how the web and people and trends can surprise you.

I used to assume that Fridays would bring me my most traffic. I assumed people would feel relaxed enough at work to kick back on a Friday and surf a little more than usual -- since it was wind-down-to-the-weekend time.

But alas, since most of my websites cover hot trending topics and current events, I found that Mondays are on average my highest traffic days.

People must go back to work on Mondays...

Either not ready to break out of their weekend mode, or meet their coworkers after the weekend is over and talk about the happenings over the weekend.

Then they probably Google away together or alone, all that stuff that happened while they were out living their lives.

Or, it just occurred to me -- there are people who probably still don't have a PC at home, or as much access as they'd like till they get back to work. Either way, surfing on Mondays on company time must be a trend because people feel bored or whatever and don't want to work.

Perhaps their work is surfing online and finding news stories as is my present career.

And of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Like I think it was a Wednesday when Oprah announced her KFC deal, and I wrote up a post about it and got thousands of pageviews.

There have been other blessed days -- not Mondays -- where my web traffic has hit 50,000 page views in one day, because the Lord's perfect storm of topic, SEO, Google position and interest have married.

But I wake up a lot of Mondays, even when I haven't blogged sometimes, just knowing my traffic (and thusly, prayerfully, my income) will be naturally higher.

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Villager said…
Thanks for this web-tip. I hadn't notices such a trend on my blog ... however, I ain't getting 3,000 hits a day like you (smile)!

I keep you on my RSS-feed to learn good stuff like this. Thank you for continuing to do what you do...

peace, Wayne
People get to work after a weekend and the first thing they think about is how to waste some time. That's when they read the most stuff - monday morning.
Martin Lindsey. said…
Good insight. Have to start loading up for the beginning of the work week from now on. Couple of questions for you.

What's the difference between AdSense and AdWords please? Is one free and the other not or is it the purpose for which they are used that's different between the two? If you have a blog post on this somewhere a link would be great too.

Also a little more pecifically, can AdWords/AdSense only be used on blogspot sites or on any type of site platform?
free movies said…
thank for giving your tips for best day of blogging
i am also agree with you that if you post your article on Monday your site find more traffic.
veinna12 said…
Great post. This is something I need to focus on soon. Getting a blog up and running is one thing -retaining readers is another challenge altogether.
Hey Martin -

Yeah, to answer your questions, AdSense is the code we load onto our blogs (either Blogger, WordPress or other sites) that lets advertisers run ads on our blogs and we get paid when people click on those links.

Adwords are ads that you can buy that will show up either on other websites and/or the Google search engine to the right-hand side when people search for the search terms that you big on in Adwords -- so yes, it cost money to buy these ads to bring traffic to your website.

Read up all you can about Adwords if you ever decide to do that so you won't waste money like I've done with that in the past.
answerstash said…
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Jenny@FreeGames said…
Thank's fo the useful tips, keep it up!