~$20,000 Made Online Blogging the First Half of 2009 - I'm surprised...

~$20,000 Made Online Blogging the First Half of 2009 - I'm surprised...

Since today is July 1, 2009, it felt like a great time to ascertain how much money has come into my accounts from all the different ways I use to make money online.

I totaled up everything that came in the first six months in 2009 (realizing that some of this stuff is attributable to sales I made in 2008) and this is what I got:

BUY.AT (Selling TicketMaster tickets) PERFILIATE TECHN PAYMENTS Total $134.25
CJ (Referring various products, like Apple Store stuff) JANUARY 2009 EARNINGS Total $605.63
KONTERA Total $1,651.69
LINKSHARE Total $945.99
GOOGLE ADSENSE Total $7,453.38
Associated Content (Writing articles online) Total $867.05
Text Link Ads, Inc Total $433.38
Niche Blog Media Total $11.98
LinkWorth Total $50.00

Grand Total $19,653.44

I'm kind of surprised it's nearly $20,000 -- about half of what I brought in during 2008 from blogging, which was $44,000 for that year.

The reason I'm surprised is because my main money-making site WatchFreeEpisodes.com got totally banned by Google (never try the WP-o-Matic plugin to auto create posts from other feeds that aren't yours) and even CPTimes.com got banned too, right after I started building that up in the other site's wake of a demise. (Never use FeedList plugin to pull in Amazon's best-selling feeds with the descriptions of the products as well. Guess it was too much duplicate content!)

So anyway, I turned to the only sites I had left with any good standing and PageRank -- Thank Jesus for multiple domains! -- and just kept plugging away at blogging, and thankfully the Google Adsense monies started increasing, the Amaazon Associates sales are stable, and more stuff is growing.

Making Money Online Can Take a Lot of Work...

Despite what some scam sites say about making money at the drop of a click -- and your credit card number, of course.

Of course some people would say 20 grand in six month is nothing -- heck, John Chow makes 40 grand per month -- but I'm still grateful.

Watching John Chow's latest video about how he made that much money online solidified some things for me: I like his marketing techniques, but it showed me certain directions I don't want to go.

At this point I don't want to delve all deep into writing ebooks or making videos showing bloggers how to make money online and charge them a hefty penny for it. There are plenty of excellent bloggers out there like John Chow and Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net and Yaro Stanek of Entrepreneurs Journey who do that very well.

All I want to do is write tips for free on this blog you're reading of stuff that works for me and stuff that doesn't work.

As for the paying career, I'm headed in a whole 'nother direction: Back to the creative side of writing that involves pitching and selling and hawking my writing wares like I used to.

I love blogging -- I still wake to my news junkie self some days and plan to keep that up for now. But underneath, I see an entirely different future of how my Provider will bring in the $6,000 to pay Uncle Sam for this year's income thus far, and much more to come.


PW said…
Hey Paula,haven't said "hello" in ages and it looks like you are only getting better with writing and working online.
I have not used Blogger that much,but starting to get some niche sites going before the holidays approach...
Finally passed my first 1,000 and not looking at my own sites...
Love reading about success stories.

Zawadi.. aka Phoebe < birth name
P.S. I thought I would tell you my name since I know yours... peace and love
Hey Phoebe - I never knew that was your real name.

Hmm... the mysteries deepen.

Thanks for stopping thru and hollering at me.
hey how are you able to do it......

i think it would made your life miserable
PW said…
Hi Paula, I wanted to get an opinion on a product.
I want to make website powered by wordpress that uses datafeedr it's at www.datafeedr.com Would you use this for processing feeds as a deal or coupon site?
http://www.datafeedr.com/ < would u purchase this?

Hey Phoebe - I hardly know anything about DataFeedr, so I was poking around and this guy was able to make $6,000 one month using DataFeedr and BANS and an EBay store application he write about, but he says it takes a whole lot of SEO work and stuff.

I don't know...

If you do it, let me know how it goes.
nursing said…
Speak of which, I'd like to do some advertising on the site, but can't find your email. Please shoot me an email.
Hmmm... Your success is truly and inspiration and I suppose you could get a lot more money if you provide success videos for a price but I respect your determination to just continue on what works for you...

I am truly grateful that I happen to stumble upon this site, Ill be sure to visit often and you have given me hope to go back to blogging and remove my blog from a long hiatus... :)
Eugene said…
Hi, Paula
I am a reader of ur blogs, I think this is partially because of crisis. Also I find amazon 24 hours only cookies policy a waste of affiliate efforts
Thanks, Nursing - The easiest way to advertise on this blog would be to do so thru Text Link Ads where you can find PaulaMooney.blogspot.com to promote your site thru.

And thanks, Eugene -- Yes, I find it can take work and prayer and favor to get those Amazon Associates sales.

People like clicking on the unconventional book ads and such that lead to Amazon that I have on my money making website.
champ said…
Hello Paula, I've been passing by and noticed your blog. So I wish to congratz you for impressive income.


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