Woman's Gotta Pay $80,000 Per Illegally Downloaded Song...

A woman illegally downloaded 24 songs -- and now she's gotta pay $80,000 for each song.

That's the verdict today in the only illegal file-sharing case to go to trial.

Thank goodness I don't use Bear Share and all those other file-sharing sites -- I don't like them because they are a virus risk. I like getting my music from Amazon or iTunes instead.

But I love YouTube and Daily Motion videos, I must admit. But that's a different story.


zingtrial said…
Yep"I too keep off them.:).take care.Thanks for shareing
Anonymous said…
Ya, I read that in news.
I don't know why they are taking so much from her.
Poor lady. :(
Shubham said…
Well, its really bad that they are taking so much from her.
mark said…
they love to rip the little people off

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