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Monday, June 15, 2009

Strathmore's Who's Who Scam Book?

People on Twitter are wondering if Strathmore's Who's Who is a scam because I'm assuming you have to pay to be included in the book.

And what's the point of being in the book?

I see one from years ago for sale on Amazon.com for loads of money. Maybe it's more of a vanity thing...

strathmore s who s who


Stancje said...

And now think how genius of an idea it was. First the guy who made it got paid by people who wanted in and then he got paid by people who wanted to see it. It's a perfect money-making scheme (and also a scam).

Claytowne said...

I get tons of these. Ive been collecting them here. They all follow the same template. I also got this wonderful bogus award plaque.

1561 said...

You seem to ignore the fact that people who sign up for Strathmore find great value in being able to connect with others who are able to pay $1,200 to be part of an exclusive meeting place. Its like a country club, you don't want everybody coming in so you set a high price. I found great contacts and new business from Strathmore. Why? Because everyone on board is well established. Tell me what's wrong with that? The answer: Nothing is wrong with this.

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