PayPerPost on Twitter - Izea Paying for Tweets

I haven't been on PayPerPost or IZEA for so long, I had to get them to send me my password. But I found out on ReadWriteWeb that people actually get paid to tweet.

I don't know how much PayPerPost / IZEA is paying per tweet on Twitter -- I haven't gotten my password to log in yet to check out the opportunities -- but I'm thinking this might be cooler than using PayPerPost on your blog and risk suffering a pagerank penalty by hypocritical Google for having paid links on your site.

Maybe getting paid per tweet won't be as risky, because at worst, Twitter could eventually close out an account of a person with too many #spon tags or whatever. I don't know.

It'll be interesting to see how much they pay per tweet. Of course, users with a lot of followers might not be willing to subject their Twitter followers to too many pay per tweets.