New Amazon Promo Codes, Amazon Special Offers - Current Amazon Coupons in the Past Week Below...

One special trick I use to find current Amazon promo codes and and Amazon special offers is to use Google's advanced search to the fullest capability, checking the most recent pages crawled by Google that have certain verbiage like "promotional code" on or " special offer" and the like:

Amazon promo codes *** Amazon Special Offers


I think these links are especially helpful around the Christmas holidays when a lot of people are shopping online and looking for deals on Amazon.

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gurgle said…
Cheers for the heads up, I guess the key is those " " characters to getting exactly what you want!
bowling balls said…
I didn't know that Google had such a feature. Your tip is great and I will definitely use it since I buy almost everything from Amazon - from books to computers
designsdelight said…
Hi paula,

You have great tricks as per usual,it used too be easy to find your other sites but it is no longer.

Look there is way of getting around your sight being banned on Google.

John Chow has registered his website on, you can get your site back up by tranferring everything to .tv or .us then in time google will rank the site again.
thanks, that's an interesting tip to get sites on the .ca or .tv domain.