How I Got Laid Off Website Lets Laid Off Workers Vent...

This How I Got Laid Off website in good, letting people tell the tales of how they got laid off from their jobs. I want to create a social networking site for the laid off people by company, letting them get together and keep up with each other -- because LinkedIn isn't necessarily designed for that. I guess FaceBook is, only if they've set up separate groups. I want it all on one website that lets people find each other. I'd better get to work whilst you check out the laid off people venting:
how i got laid off


Flat Iron said…
Laying off by companies had been quite common these days. If you check the working nature of countries like India, China, etc you can see people shifting from one job to other because of the termination of projects. May be working in two environments could be a good solution. Find a freelancer job too to help you in such situation

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