Secure Your Vista PC in 10 Easy Steps

I'm going thru this article from PC World on how to secure your Vista PC in 10 easy steps, so I thought I'd save it and remember it and tell other people about it by blogging about it.

I've yet to find that "local security settings" options they're talking about, but I've done some of the rest and want to finish up later.

Safe is good.


ViaCasa said…
Excellent article bookmark thanks, I have just changed to Vista and need to make it secure
dickson said…
Hi tissa!
I have a major problem with your second step Monetization. Your system shows that my hosting password & username does not exist. But I am 100% ok with my web hosting account. I am stuck for the last 2 days with this problem plese can you pay attention to my support ticket ID U0EMV1UX21.
Kind regards

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