Looking to Buy a Certified Diamond Online? (Round, Very Good cut, 6.21 carats, G color, VS2 clarity) - Amazon's Got One for $384,500!

You gotta love Amazon.

While poking around and researching the different things people buy online and setting up Adwords campaigns to advertise Amazon products, I came across this $384,500 Certified Diamond (Round, Very Good cut, 6.21 carats, G color, VS2 clarity) for sale online at Amazon.

Isn't that amazing?

I knew Amazon had good stuff -- expensive and good stuff -- but I didn't know they sold loose diamonds and an over 6 carat diamond at that!

That Amazon Associates revenue will be exactly $32,682.50 at 8.5% earnings rate for that one sale alone.


Jessie said…
How can we make sure that the diamond is a 100% genuine? Does the site guarantee the authenticity?
According to Amazon:

Diamond Information
Certification: GIA
This diamond comes accompanied by a diamond certificate grading report from the GIA.
Shoot -- for $384,500 -- it'd better be!

But I keep thinking of that movie Blood Diamond...

You know, Leo DiCaprio's line about instead of "bling bling" it's "bling bang" over diamonds -- of which DeBeers has a bunch stored up in South Africa just to keep the prices and demand high around the world.
Furniture said…
Thank's for your great information. Sorry I don't have any money to buy diamond
axekap said…
Can only hope one of your blog visitors is going to purchase that diamond ... this would certainly boost Amazon.com affiliates program !
Franky said…
Oh is that all? Sheesh I may as well pick up one or two while I'm here. These should make for some good bday gifts.
free sms said…
Not cheap :-) but who authenticity it is?
bad credit said…
axekap: It defenitely ain't gona be me :D My wife just read the post and said, "no diamond in this world could ever be more precious than you". I am sure she means it but even if she didn't, I would not have ever thought of buying this (mainly cuz I can't afford it) lol
Awww....that's a sweet comment from your wife.

She's a keeper!

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