HP Home Server - HP MediaSmart Home Servers Get Great Reviews...

I just found out about these HP Home Servers, -- and they loook sweet to me.

Why are people going ga-ga over the HP home servers?

My husband doesn't see the point, but I was just explaining how we could have an HP home server that backs up all our data, from both our laptops and our workstation in the sitting room.

And we could access the data from our HP home server as well.

For example, if there's some kind of old file I want to grab off his laptop or our old PC, the HP home server would be just like a network drive to grab it off of.

Can the HP Home Server do a better job than DreamHost?

I wonder if I bought the HP EX475 MediaSmart Home Server (AMD Live, Windows Home Server, 1 TB Hard Drive) -- that's 1 TeraByte! -- and tried to run a new website from there (since I'm glad my websites are up on DreamHost, but not exactly wanting to add more there) would it do a better job?

Whatever, customers are loving the HP MediaSmart Home Servers...

...because looking at the ratings, as I always love to do when I'm considering buying a big product, the HP MediaSmart Home Servers have over 110 customer reviews as of this writing.

And they both have almost perfect 5 star ratings from actual customers right now.

That speaks well of the HP MediaSmart Home Servers as a product.

And I read that they're compatible with both Macs and "regular" PCs, as I call them.

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