What do people type into Google? Use Google Insights for search to find out...

My new best friend is Google Insights for Search, a new tool by Google that gives us clues as to what stuff people are searching for and the breakout trends.

To use Google Insights for Search, just type in any word you think of, like how I typed in "Google" here, and see what's trending down to the right-hand side.

You can see I set up my search to find out what people are typing in related to "Google" in the past 30 days, only in the US.

And a bunch of info about the new Google Chrome browser pops up.

I love it.


Thomas SG said…
This is GREAT, thanks a lot. It actually optimizes my searches, giving a number of additional keywords to help me find my objective.
Thanks for high lighting a great google tool. I put it in my book marks already. Love your blog keep posting.
Andrea said…
gee thanks for the tip paula, sure will get that extra advantage when finding keywords that truly matter...
This a handy tool! I feel that too many site owners do not do enough research into potential terms for their sites. They tend to stick with the ones that they know they would type in, but that leaves out so many potentially good phrases.
Hi! this is a great way of keeping track of your keywords etc, thanks for the insight!! keep more coming!!!!
This is such a great tip, Paula. I discovered Insights recently and have been using it a lot. But I have seen very little about it in forums and blogs. I think many people are not yet aware of it. I find it to be extremely useful and quick.
kystorms said…
Great tip Paula!

Long time no see , hope all is well with you?

question, how do you enter these terms into blogger tho as a meta term, or will this work as well just as a key word in the bottom of the post?
Hey Lisa -

How are you?

Yeah, if you want to add keywords to your meta tags you can right-click anywhere in the blank space of a website, choose "view source" to view their source code, and then search for "meta" to see how they've entered their meta tags near the top.

But I don't necessarily recommend you put them there.

Study WatchFreeEpisodes.com, right click and look at the code and see how I SEO my posts.

Also, I love the All-in-One SEO pack plugin for WordPress. I believe that helps a lot.

Thank God!

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