Snoop Dogg Mormon? CNN Mormonism? LDS? It's all an elaborate hoax...

Some guy created a pretty elaborate April Fool Day joke saying Snoop Dogg is now a Mormon.

But it's all a hoax.

Research shows that Snoop Dogg is not a Mormon, but people are thinking that he is.


helen said…
Why would that be a big deal if he was?
I can see Snoop wanting to be a member of one of the Mormon spin-offs that lets you have several wifes, but not the main LDS church which would not let him have any of his style of fun.
People like to fool on the fools day that is on April 1st. And it is quite possible that we get such types of posts too.
mark said…
LOL @ snoop dogg turning Mormon! I never heard that april fools day joke but thats a pretty good one!
Samanta said…
Yes :) serious mans ita all about a Fool day dont be so serious for a hall life..
Holly said…
LOL, this is a funny story. I did not believe it the first time I saw it just because of the timing.
Doesnt matter Snoop Dogg is a mormon or not because nobody is bothered.I think these things happens with the celebraties,they take it lightly too.

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