AT&T Uverse, NFL Ticket and NBA Ticket Like on DirecTV?

Does AT&T Uverse Have NFL Ticket and NBA Ticket

Okay, so an AT&T U-verse salesman just said that the AT&T Uverse packages (which ones I'm not sure) come with NFL Ticket or NBA Ticket or both -- I don't know.

Does anyone have AT&T U-verse AND an NFL Ticket or NBA Ticket package like that comes with DirecTV?



vicemax said…

Seriously, this fiasco was enough to compel me to cancel my
service with DirecTV and switch to DishTV. My install is next

The arrogance and indifference we all got from DirecTV management
was just deafening. They really don’t care about their customers at
all and even raked their CSRs over because they didn’t even tell
them about it until after the fact.

Let the buyer beware.
i also doubt about that it can be possible. but if it is true then lets find out how.
daten retten said…
I am need of AT&T U-verse AND an NFL Ticket or NBA Ticket package.
Demorris Smith said…
I thinking taking a look at the packages on their website will be the key to getting the best up-to-date answer.
Anonymous said…
OK, my buddy just had this issue. The U-Verse salesman swore up and down that he would get every single NFL game he wanted on any given Sunday. However, when they came to install it, he found out that only Direct TV has the rights from the NFL to do that. He made them uninstall U-Verse and filed a complaint with them. The salesman said that only to make a sale.

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