Adsense Secrets 4: Free e-Book Tips Downloaded Anyone?

Free Adsense Secrets 4 e-book tips downloaded? Anyone?

Okay, so Joel Comm just made his Adsense Secrets 4 ebook available for download for only $9.99 and I hesitated over buying it.

I saw the part about the $29.95 per month and paused.

You know I'm working to get out of debt.

So, for those of you who did download Joel Comm's Adsense Secrets 4 ebook -- I really want to know some broad tips.

Not the whole ebook, of course, but I really wonder if people are making good Google Adsense money off using the tips in his book?


Craze said…
No luck dear!!! Even I am out looking for one. Hey I have enabled Notification on follow up. Do get back in case you get one
Villager said…
I look forward to the responses that you get to this query. I'm just now realizing that my Adsense account isn't up & running for some reason. I need to work to get that fixed...

peace, Villager
I'm really interested as well, since adsense is really a hit or miss kind of scenario.
teaching jobs said…
Hey I still hadn't seen the book and now I opt for that. I must go through it and learn about it. Its good if we can earn through google.
Chris said…
I was considering getting this book. I have the other one and I got some good tips out of it.
Thanks for the post. Will learn about adsense.
The CMS Gallery said…
Ahh, more books. I've never really been in to eBooks, so I have no advice to offer.
AdSense is not the best way to make money online... NO! It definitely is not. I recommend affiliate programs instead. I do use AdSense too but just as an extra income stream. Affiliate marketing is my biggest income by far.
Xocai said…
His book is a bunch of generic stuff with a few good tips thrown in. Its the kind of product that is good to buy if you want to save the time researching yourself, but its not going to give you any revolutionary tips/

"adsense is really a hit or miss kind of scenario."

^^^ No, it isnt.
I remember clicking that now - to tell the truth - I think I am so conditioned to just clicking away TOS without even reading them, google could sneak anything through on me.I didn’t see that in the new terms of service. Perhaps I need to read them again. Do wereally have to post something to that effect on every website we have? Will they enforce this?