Nearly $4,000 made online in 6 weeks...My mid-October and November 2007 blogging income

Find out how I made nearly $4,000 in the past six weeks online.


kystorms said…
wow, paula how truly blessed you are! May you continue to walk in HIS way.
Can you perhaps tell us how to go about signing up for the outside US amazon sites?
I cant seem to get anyone to even click my google adsense, and I have no idea why, i will keep praying that this is the direction God wants me to go in

hugs, hope to see you soon
God Bless
Hi Lisa -

Yeah, to sign up for those Amazon's outside the US, go to this post and it has all the links.

I used to Babel Fish Translation tool a lot -- and the Amazon Japan you've gotta view thru a different browser like Internet Explorer, I believe, or they have an English translation link. (I guessed a lot on that one!)

I find that the best Google clicks come from relative ads, like on and the site -- people click on those because they are related so much to the content people are interested in.

Niche sites centered around a particular topic work really well -- like that Naruto idea of yours.

Let me know how it goes and God bless you and your family too this Christmas.

Amit Kheterpal said…
Paula, you are simply amazing .. Nice experiments with Globalization and I gave it a new name in my post called..
Think Global, Act Global,Buy Amazon

My income from last month is ..WOW !! ! ! Guess

It is $1.02 yes not joking only $1.02..
God save me, help me ..
Michael Woo said…
Heyy that's alot of money that you have made online :) Congrats to you!

I'm trying to branch out to affiliates, hopefully i can learn a trick or two from you :)
:) Cool that you earned around a 4K.
And congrats that ur back in search results :)
michigan said…
sista-girl you got it going on, would like to interview once we get our site set up. its really nice, and smart of you to be willing to talk about your online business experiences. and that list blew my mind, i had no idea some bloggers were making that kind of money.
Thanks, Michigan!

Glad to have been of service...
tAnYeTTa said…
congrats on the 4 g's!!!

you work hard and truly deserve it.

i hope to only one day make at least $1000 a month. no seriously, i am hoping and wishing. LOL ;)

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