When I quit my job and flew to the Bahamas...

by Paula Neal Mooney

That's me back in 1996, in the Bahamas.

I'm not terribly fond of this picture -- keep in mind that I've lost weight since then -- but I do have fond memories of the place.

It was the first time I'd left the mainland; I remember the plane banking off the eastern edge of Florida and heading down toward bright blue waters with little islands jutting out of them.

My husband and I had just quit our jobs -- but we'd already booked the trip to stay in the Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Turns out our Author and Finisher worked it out perfectly so that the end of our trip coincided perfectly with the beginning of our new job. I couldn't have planned it better myself....

Other memories include beautiful beaches in the Bahamas, too rough to swim in whilst we were there (even the lifeguard said he wasn't swimming in surf that rollicking, so I knew I wasn't going in) but still gorgeous to look at just the same.

There was the weird feeling of not being "safely" landlocked in the continental US, as I'm accustomed. And heading over the big bridge into the shopping area, I remember seeing a dead dog in the street and thinking: I'd never see this back at home.

But all in all, my trip down to the islands reminds me of anxiousness over our new jobs and packing and moving to a new city -- coupled with a pretty hotel room and vista, along with an underwater aquarium tunnel that you could walk thru with fish and sharks floating above your head.

I wish we would've relaxed more and leaned on the everlasting arm back then, knowing that He was gonna make everything all right.

After all, God always makes the crooked paths straight...

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
Amen to that girlfriend. He does make the crooked path straight!
Zawadi said…
Hi Paula,
Never been to the Bahamas before, my parents like it though. They won't take me :(
That underwater Aquarium looks kinda scary too. I would have ran right past everyone and waited on the other side lol.

Always nice reading your blog.
Peace Zawadi
Martin Lindsey. said…
Ah, the days before children...LOL. We're still going to make it to the islands before we die though. I'm determined! ha ha ha. That underwater tunnel is cool. It turns you into the aquarium exibit for the sea creatures.

We'll always have fond memories of the Georgia Sea Islands. There's a coastal get away I could go to again, and again, and again.
Cheryl Pastor said…
Hello Paula.

This was a wonderful post. I haven't been to the Bahamas or anywhere off the mainland. I'm planning my first trip to London for next year.

As a fledgling blogger, I read your newsletters and blogs consistently because you have a great deal of useful info. It's hard sometimes to lean on HIS everlasting ARM, but I'm learning to do so more often.

Keep up the wonderful work and GOD bless you.
music terms said…
Bahamas the very sound is mysterious. For history buffs like me, it is full of sailing ships, plantations, colonial rule, Britishers in full uniform perspiring sugar, romance and rum. One goes there to get a "feel" for all these things and one does not get disapointed
Deb said…
I love travel stories and pictures. :)
I liked the underwater tunnel. It must have been a great experience to see the big sharks so closely. I would love to visit a place like that.
Hair Removal said…
I would love to go to Bahamas. I have heard a lot about that place. That underground tunnel looks orsam. i would love to see sharks so closely.
table pad said…
Is it a whole lot of build up by tourism folks or is it really the romance of the place that appeals to one. Does it live up to one's expectation? I would like to go if not for anything else, just to get a personal yes or no answer to the question.
Villager said…
I enjoy watching you deal with sponsored posts in a manner that makes the material easy-to-read. Well done!

peace, Villager
Naveen said…
underwater tunnel is gr8,,,i am wondering how it would have been made ? lots of efforts

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