MC Hammer Dead? Was Stanley Kirk Burrell hit by a car outside a Tribe Called Quest concert and killed? I hope to God this is a fake internet hoax...

by Paula Neal Mooney

MC Hammer dead?

Did MC Hammer / Stanley Kirk Burrell really die?

Folks are wondering about new MC Hammer death rumors that just hit the net.

Here's the supposed report being circulated about how MC Hammer allegedly died:

"MC Hammer dead.......RIP MC Hammer (Kirk Burrell), Pop Rap icon of the 90's , passed away today in a Baltimore hospital room outside a Tribe Called Quest show in New Jersey last night, the singer was struck by a car passing by the front of the Ventura Theatre. Brunswick police say that the driver allegedly stopped, but then fled the scene. There is now a police investigation underway. Hammer was rushed to St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, where he was pronounced dead this morning at 6am. This is a tragedy for the underground music as a whole."

But let's look at the evidence that suggests the MC Hammer (nee Stanley Kirk Burrell) died rumors are just that, rumors:

  1. Google News has no reports of MC Hammer's alleged death by a hit-and-run accident.

  2. Nor does Google News have any info about Stanley Kirk Burrell being listed as dead, which valid news organizations would've surely reported as soon as police were involved.

  3. The only place I've found that stated MC Hammer was dead was this forum posting, which has since been deleted.

  4. As one person noted, MC Hammer was blogging on Friday, and I hope he puts up an "I'm not dead!" post soon...

  5. Wikipedia is not reporting MC Hammer dead, though they did start that Sinbad death rumor that time...

  6. Q-Tip is listed as performing in Baltimore at the Sonar on 10/3, and I'm reading that "A Tribe Called Quest" stole the show at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors to be broadcast tomorrow (gotta check that out!) but don't see anything about MC Hammer being hit by a car after any of their shows from legitimate news sources.
Hopefully Stanley Kirk Burrell himself will put all the silly "MC Hammer dead" rumors to rest.

I watch MC Hammer from time to time on TBN and I'm so happy for the way he loves the Lord and spreads his Word.

Don't people who start these death rumors realize that people like MC Hammer have families and friends that love them -- whose hearts may rise to their throats when falsities are spread?

Oh well, I'm glad this is probably just an internet hoax... and more happy that the day Stanley Kirk Burrell really does die, he'll land in the arms of Yeshua.


Glen said…
Considering he was one of the people attending the Techcrunch40 convention and there was no mention on his blog I think this is a hoax.
Hair Removal said…
I hope its just a rumour and not real. I seriously wonder how people have guts to spread such rumors.
Dining Chair said…
I too hope that these are just rumors. I have personally had a bad experience with my death being spread around for a prank and what havoc it played with some of my loved ones. These kind of pranks are in very poor taste.
Stephen Bess said…
Funny, they were playing "Can't Touch This" inside the grocery store today. It just didn't fit with the scenery (meat, produce, etc.)
I hope MC Hammer will come out to prove this as hoax. I can imagine him posing in a picture.. kissing his muscles and saying.. "U can't touch this.."
Satellite tv said…
Glad to know that MC is still alive. I hope that they won't spread news that have no truth, especially if they are claiming the death of someone which is not true.

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