When a company calls...

by Paula Neal Mooney

I don't like when one particular company calls and leaves voice mail messages on my phone.

Perhaps it's because I had a not-so-pleasant experience with the African braiding place, perhaps it's because they call too often, perhaps it's because their frequency of messages smacks of desperation and low sales to me.

Or maybe it's the way they repeat the message that starts in a weird way -- like it's cut off and I'm coming in on the middle of the message -- that puts me off.

Maybe that company used a cheap voice messaging company.

I like Joyce Meyer's messages...

On the other hand, I like when Joyce Meyer (a conference leader whose Enjoying Everyday Life program I watch from time to time) leaves a voice mail message.

It's always kinda funny to hear her voice on my machine, as if she's personally talking to me.

Plus, Joyce Meyer rarely calls -- but when she does leave messages that I've opted to receive (just like these folks who wanted to hear from Rush Limbaugh) -- they are received well by most customers, like a comforting rallying cry to bring together all her listeners during a time when people need it.

Like during Hurricane Katrina.

I wonder if Joyce Meyer's outfit uses Vontoo voice messaging, a company that uses advanced technology to do this stuff.

It's not the annoying calls you get where you pick up the phone and hear a long pause and then someone says they're gonna route you to a live person. I hang up on those.

These are the messages from companies I've used and opted to receive -- ones that make it past my privacy manager. Because I don't want to get phone calls that I just don't want...

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
Don't forget to watch Dr. Phil tomorrow!
Pips said…
This is an interesting blog. I´m here for the second time and find every day new interesting details.
James said…
Paula, First thanks for your support of blackinbusiness for a weblog award. Having your vote was even better than winning best business blog!
Your post on voice mail is very compelling to me because I market on the phone all day as a recruiter.I am always trying new things and keeping it real. By that I mean, at times I am very professional, other times goofy, serious, to the point, it is a mood thing. I never use a script or try a strategy, I just communicate. Most like my different styles a few don't. I have learned, most do not want to be sold, if your call sounds scripted, cold and flat it is easy to erase, if you sense they care about you and place their heart and soul into the call, it is difficult to erase. Timing has a lot to do as well.LOL
dining set said…
I do not use the voice mail or a recording machine. The logic is simple. When I get a recorded message that asks me to leave a message, it is very off putting and I am uncomfortable talking to machines! So, I simply do not use the facility.

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