Marry My? Your? Daughter .com Scam Hoax -- Who is behind the web site?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Here we go with another weird website that bills itself as "an introduction service assisting those following the Biblical tradition of arranging marriages for their daughters..."

First of all, it's not -- that appears to just be a parked page.

But the web site in question wherein supposedly real parents ask people to "marry my / our daughter" looks like a crazy hoax scam designed to draw fake outrage.

The sign up page on doesn't work, thankfully, so it screams scam.

Snopes is leaning towards calling the Marry Our Daughter site a big hoax.

Techies are busy digging up the WhoIs info to find out who registered the domain name, and writing about who saw Google Adsense ads on the site at one time or another -- and wondering if the marry-off-your-daughter site is a sting operation.

I doubt that last idea.

The cops usually have (or are in need of) a lot more sophisticated technical ways to bring down pedophiles on the net.


Griffin said…
That is very bizarre...boy, talk about a new way to have a shotgun wedding!
Bonnie Calhoun said… least that way they couldn't use real never ceases to amaze me at the stuff you can find on the net!
Anonymous said…
They were actually talking about this on the radio. They had a guy from the site, I'm not sure who, I think he was like a runner-of-the-site, i dont know exactly.
The website is:::

Its discusting that they get away with this. The guy was saying how no one UNDERSTANDS, that it's not pedophilia, and blah blah blah. He said that while this is new to the web, its not new to the world. Personally, if this is allowed to go on, I think its sick and demeaning and discusting.

Just wanted to drop by and mention that.
Anonymous said…
This site IS a hoax. It was to prove a point. I suppose most couldn't read through the sarcasm smothered pages... it was to prove a point.
If you return to the website, they explain in detail their reasonings.

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