Gossip Girl (and Boy) Bloggers Can Become Famous...

by Paula Neal Mooney

One only has to turn on their TV and see Perez Hilton's plump face and multi-colored hair everywhere -- being talked about on The View today, being interviewed on news magazine shows, dancing and trying to rap on the latest dance reality show -- to know that gossip bloggers can be pretty popular.

(The scuttlebutt is that Perez Hilton pulls down close to a million dollars a year working hard on his laptop starting at the dark wee hours of dawn till the dark wee hours of night at an L.A. coffee shop.)

Poison pen, I thought to myself today about the popular gossip boy blogger, or "Queen of All Media" as his tagline reads.

But I still pop over to the gossip blog every now and then to shake my head at the latest celebrity with white stuff being drawn out of their nose or called out of their name.

And I'll confess to popping over to gossip blogs TMZ, Rhymes With Snitch, Gawker, Young Black and Fabulous and others every now and then, too...

The newest gossip girl blogger debuts tonight...

There's a new gossip blogger set to blow up, and the funny thing about this one is that she's not even real.

A show called Gossip Girl on The CW (for all you white people wondering what "The CW" is, it's this station that combined two other now-defunct stations that plays a lot of my favorite black-people shows where I can hear funky old and new music and relate to the beautiful be-weaved women on Girlfriends -- amazingly and smartly produced by Kelsey Grammer -- and the funny and fine folks on The Game -- ready for that season premiere!)

Anyway, the thing that's gonna make me go TiVo the Gossip Girl premiere as soon as I publish this post is not only that the show is about a rich New York Upper East Side kids, but that it promises to show electronic life as we know it nowadays -- ripe with texting, blogging and gossiping.

Which reminds me -- I'm supposed to talk about how I've used my blog to spread gossip.

Hmmmm..... I've tried to avoid that, but if you do a quick Google of "Carmen Bryan" or other gossipable names in the news, you'll see that we all have our vices...

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Sister2brother said…
I have often cited Perez Hilton as an example of a famous blogger. I didn't know that he was pulling down close to a million dollars a year!

But you know the thing that gets me about Perez Hilton is that when I saw his interviews he said he started out his blog as a thing that he loved to do and he didn't start it as something to make money -
Yep, it's so true that the things we love to do can end up paying off great monetarily.

Funny, I just told my husband that we can't chase the money.

It's gotta be the other way around -- doing what we love first.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
I notice thaat perez Hilton is just about everywhere...LOL...i noticed that about the same time i realized I knew who they were talking about on the View.

Speaking of the View...It is sooooo cool now...I love it!

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