Google Adsense for Mobile Ads are Added -- Now how the heck do I use them?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Google Adsense for Mobile was just announced, so now I gotta figure out how to use them.

I know some savvy readers (especially on my TV site) read the content on their BlackBerries and such, so I want to take advantage of this new source of blogging revenue.

I logged into my Google Adsense account and clicked on the new Mobile ads option, chose the double ad format, then kinda got stuck in the place where you chose what markup language your site is written in for Google Adsense Mobile ads.

I'm trying to figure out if we can use this for free-hosted Blogger blogs, or just our own hosted domains.

Guess I should dig thru their "You may also be interested in..." articles. Tell me, have you added the Google Mobile Adsense Ads to your site yet?

How'd you do it?

It'll be interesting to see how much they pay off...


NextWaveRider said…
Paula, I am still trying to figure out Adsense for my blog for . So far $0. How do you promote?
Okay, my suggestions for gaining traffic to your blog are all included my string of posts dedicated to increasing blog traffic here.

And if you read thru my strings of articles about how to really make money online here, that'll get you started with some things to try.

Basically, they boil down to checking what's hot and current (or topics that can be turned into pillar posts that people come back to again and again) and writing about them, using the tricks to get to the top of Google:

1 - By making sure each of your blog posts have their own unique URLs -- and ones that are descriptive, not just numbers

2 - Then making sure that the most-likely typed in search terms make up your URL name, the closer in the front the better -- for example if people are going to search for "Full Forbes 400 List," you want to start off your blog title exactly that way.

3 - Then promote your content (as described in the list of articles about gaining blog traffic) by adding the URL to Google, Yahoo,,, etc.

4 - Most important to Google is to have a sitemap up-to-date, as written about in the articles in more detail. Also check Google Webmaster Tools section.

5 - Understand the importance of repeating your keywords throughout your post, for example, repeat "Full Forbes 400 List" several times througout your post -- until it makes up about 5% of the total article's content.

6 - The best advice is just to write what you love, it will show. Write about hot and in-demand topics that you love. Write with passion. Try a bunch of different streams of income that I've listed, and see which one really works for you.

Place your Google ads in different locations, set up channels in Google Adsense so you know which ones are making money and which ones aren't.

And yes, Google Adwords can really help drive traffic, but that costs money and I've only used it once without much success,but I plan to try again.

Take care,

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