Give One, Get One XO Laptop for $399 -- Buy One Laptop for Your Child, and Help Another Child in an Impoverished Country...

by Paula Neal Mooney

The Give One, Get One new laptop program for $399 really excites me now that it's happening.

Ever since I saw the guy whose vision it was to create the "One Laptop Per Child" program on 60 Minutes, I liked the premise.

So starting November 12, 2007, and only for a limited time, the new Give One, Get One laptop program will let us buy a laptop for ourselves for $399, and that price includes another laptop, which will be given to a child in an impoverished nation.

I want one of these Give One, Get One laptops (see all the techie specs here) so bad -- I told my son that I wanted to buy him one.

Its indestructable nature seems on point, and the screen that lets you surf around even outside in the sun is awesome.

Plus, I'll be helping open up a whole new world to children who need some hope.

What could be better?


I like this idea too. It has a very noble cause. Information plays a vital role in a child's educational development but it is just sad that they cannot have access to the million information in the web. I wish this project can help a lot of children in impoverished countries
Barry Cox said…
I saw that on the news a while back. It is such a great idea. I'm in the market for a new laptop and will have to check it out. Thanks.
Amish Furniture said…
I have seen this put to work with amazing results. Particularly in rural locations, tremendous innovation for power supply, like solar panels, wind mills etc just to charge the battery and to give power to the lap top has generated other side benefits too. Like latest market prices for agri commodities, weather conditions, all being available from one small machine which makes such a change.
Tobsy said…
I'm really curious to see the outcome of this. I'd love to buy one just to support the idea.
Hi Paula,

Thanks for your post about the new XO laptop from the OLPC campaign. We at Razoo really support this kind of creative solution, so much so that we're including it in our "Good Travels" contest.

The "Good Travels" contest encourages travelers to do good while one the road. As part of the contest, five 2nd prize winners will receive the new XO laptop (and 5 laptops will be donated to children in developing nations).

(By the way, the grand prize of the contest is a trip for two anywhere in the world to put good into action, via

You can learn more about it and enter here:


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