Full Forbes 400 List Shows Google Guys Have Broken Into the Top 5 --

by Paula Neal Mooney

Look out, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The Google guys are gaining on you two, rising to the top 5 position in this full list of the Forbes 400 richest folks in America.

Of course, most of the wealth is due to stock options and how they are valued, something I've had a tiny bit of experience with.

Having worked for Charles Schwab -- albeit mostly in the technology department -- I should know a thing or two or three about buying and selling stock.

The first time ever I bought your shares...

My initial plunge in the stock market was years ago when Krispy Kreme first went public. Witnessing how much people absolutely loved those doughnuts and ate them by the caseload -- okay, I still enjoy one now and again -- I knew that stock would be as hot as a fresh, soft case of their treats.

I bought 10 shares of the Krispy Kreme stock -- about all I could afford -- for around $19 bucks per share. They rose nicely and I sold them some time later, wanting the cash.

My $1,000 Stock Fantasies...

So that was the last time I thought about buying or selling stock, until today, when I registered for free for the rookie challenge over at MyWallSt.net, a web site that lets people play out their stock fantasies online.

It was simple and took me about 5 minutes to register, set up this wacky profile and get a confirmation email to confirm my account for the chance to be one of their $1,000 weekly winners.

What will I spend the $1,000 on when I win?

Hmm....I guess I wouldn't even be able to buy two shares of ol' GOOG with 1,000 bucks -- is it really trading at $560 per share as of this writing, or do I need to spend a whole lot more time playing around with virtual stocks over at MyWallSt.net?


Bonnie Calhoun said…
LOL...I used to play the stock market all the time...Penny Stocks...Years ago I bought Telphon De Mexico stock for 5 cents a share...LOL...I bought multiple thousands of shares! My husband laughed!!

I sold it years later at 22.57 a share....my husband didn't laugh!
WOW! thats cool. You really tep me to register. Well, i i won 1gran then i would put it in a another stock to keep em coming!
Franklin said…
There was a story in the New York Times a couple of weeks back about a masseuse who became a millionaire with google stock. She used to go give massages to Google employees, and was paid in Googel stock...
vicemax said…
WOW! I think they'll take the first place in 5 years. :)

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