Amazon MP3 Affiliate / Referral Program -- A new way to make money on the web ... I hope

by Paula Neal Mooney

Looking for the Amazon MP3 affiliate / referral program?

So am I.

Recently Amazon MP3 Beta was announced, where folks who click on an affiliate / referral link like this one can download music online -- and affiliate marketers online like me would get a cut of the money they pay Amazon -- for all our hard work in telling people about it.

I already like Amazon's affiliate program a lot -- especially since they just deposited $55.75 in my checking account today.

I've discovered that people like downloading full TV episodes online thru my television site -- amazingly even when I lead them to the free full episode on the network TV's site to watch for no cost, some will still opt to buy individual TV episodes for around 2 bucks a pop -- and that trend is only going to continue.

(If you sign up for Amazon Associates free affiliate / referral program and start hawking their wares, you get a flat 10% payout of everything they download thru Amazon Unbox.)

Does Amazon MP3 Have an Affiliate / Referral Programing Coming Soon?

So I naturally tried to create links thru the Build/Links Widgets module of Amazon, but no dice. All the MP3s as of this writing that I saw have a code of B000SHEA4M, which can't be found.

Get Creative to Get Paid Online...

When I looked around for details of the Amazon MP3 Affiliate / Referral Program on Amazon, I found none yet.

So I used their "Classic Links" module to build an Amazon MP3 Affiliate / Referral link like this one where you first go to the Amazon page you want to send people too (I chose the Christian / Gospel MP3 music section for this example), then under classic links choose the "Add to Your Webpage" under "Text Links" and then "Enter the URL" at the bottom under the "Link to Any Page at" option, then enter the "Name Your Link" to put in anchor text.

For example, I just created a link where Al Green music lovers can download Al Green songs thru Amazon MP3.

And I also sometimes link the photo (like this photo of Al Green) directly to the related affiliate page (by changing the website that the "a href" goes to in the HTML code) as oppossed to just using "iframe" code like below, because though that shows up on your website and your feed, it doesn't show up in Feedburner nor Feedblitz emails you send to your readers.

That playing around works great for selling the Amazon Unbox stuff, which are definitely under Amazon's Affiliate Program.

Hopefully it'll work for Amazon MP3 downloads, or maybe they'll just put the Amazon MP3 downloads under an actual affiliate / referral program soon -- so we can begin getting paid to lead folks to their favorite songs, too.

Anyway, happy Amazon MP3 affiliate revenue making!


I might have to get on this Amazon affiliate marketing
Timon Weller said…
Nice tip, and they pay more for mp3 sales as well which is a bonus..! :)

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