Should You Take a Break from Blogging?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Recently, I took the longest break from blogging on this blog than I have taken in a long time.

One full week.

My family and I jetted out to Las Vegas, and on the plane ride out, my husband got upgraded to first class. Normally, that's a good thing, but Chris wanted to sit with us in coach.

No problemo.

With a mothering tone, I just asked the 12-year-old boy sitting next to us if he'd like to fly first class. He humbly agreed, and I eagerly helped him pull his painted skateboard, perhaps one of those zero skateboards that kids like him defy gravity with out of the overhead compartment.

All the time I was singing Avril Lavigne's "Skater Boy" lyrics in my head, about the dissed grungy guy who later rocks "up MTV" with his no-doubt element skateboards and Tony Hawk moves.

I admired the pre-teen so much, so attached to his skateboard that he considered it a necessary item to bring on the plane -- his medicine.

And the Nevada desert break from (most) blogging was my cure for the desk-slumping blues...

So, do you need a break from your blog?

Right now the weather is in the balmy 60s in Ohio, and I just took my own little future "skater boy" and his sister for a walk to cure the indoor blues. A break is good for me. And my blog.

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Michael Heindel said…
I like to blog when I am on vacation. It gives me the "so this is what it would be like to live here" experience.

Bonnie Calhoun said…
I didn't blog while I was at the conference two weeks ago...LOL...mainly because there was absolutely NO TIME!

I put out the Closed sign while I was gone!
Opal Tribble said…
I think it's good, for me, to take a break I use Word Press' advanced posting so although I'm away I have posts that go out daily.

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