Ken Savage's -- How exactly does it earn him $40,000 per year?

by Paula Neal Mooney

I was all set to tell you guys about the inspiring story of Ken Savage, who runs -- a site that ShoeMoney says that Loren Baker says that Ken says earns him just under $40,000 per year.

I'm impressed that Ken began because Type 2 Diabetes is a health issue that's close to his soul -- one I pray he's winning.

And the 40 grand earned must be because Ken's got a lot of content on the site dating back to August 2005, because these other factors are an anomaly to me:

  1. Search Engine Journal says "Battle Diabetes gets 7,000 to 9,000 pageviews on a given day," but comparing my traffic to Ken Savage's two sites, they seem comparable. And though I'm sure I'll see the 7,000 - 9,000 daily pageviews soon -- thank you Jesus -- right now I'm hovering nicely around 4,000 or so per day. (Unless Alexa is way out in left field as some folks claim it is, I don't know how else to explain the closeness in our traffic numbers represented on that graph!)

  2. Ken reportedly makes his money thru Google Adsense, Auction Ads and Text Link Ads -- and I definitely see the first two very clickable looking ones displayed, but don't see any TLA ads. (This could be in no small part due to the fact that it's now 3:25 a.m. as I type this. Do you guys see any?)

  3. Search Engine Journal says Ken practices strategic linkbuilding, but I don't see a whole lotta linkbacks to on Google. (And he's had that domain name for years.)

  4. Don't see them on Technorati either.

  5. And looking at the feed for on browsers other than Firefox, which annoyingly truncates even full feeds, I don't see any monetization going on there yet.

  6. Ken doesn't even have in-line text advertising. (If this is not a conscious decision, Ken, might I led you on over to my Kontera affiliate link so you can up that figure to maybe 50 grand in coming years?)
Above any of this monetary stuff, I'm glad Ken is helping people beyond measure with their health issues -- and that's paramount.

He has a heartfelt passion for his subject, and he'd probably do it all for free.

And I'll definitely check out Ken's tips on how he got "one of the most recent jumps in search driven traffic...after he listed in major web directories such as Best of the Web, DMOZ, Aviva Directory and"

But as for all my perplexity regarding the other issues above, I'd love for Ken to spill the beans more to us other probloggers who are ready to make $40,000 per year as well with our labors of love...

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Laura said…
Just taking a wild guess here, could it be that the site gets him speaking engagements and other types of engagements. Could that those types of engagements be how he actually earns his money?

Otherwise, I have no idea.
Emily said…
It's nice to see somebody making money and doing it in a good way. I'm a big believer that charities can succeed in a for profit way. In other words, what if a company committed to donating 50% of its profits to a good cause? How powerful is that?
zaki said…
I'm thinking to create a site about health... can be a good one i guess...what do you think?
Yeah, I just leave it to you Paula, you'll get to the truth. I love your investigative skills, you always look deeply into the issue. You took the time to investigate his claims and see how he must have accomplished the feat. For that I applaud you. Thanks Paula for a fine article.

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Framed Art
You might be right -- maybe he's making money off of speaking honorariums.

I saw that Ken Savage stopped by my blog yesterday, so I hope he lets our inquiring minds know!

Donating 50% to a good cause it an excellent belief. I donate about 20% or so off the money that passes thru my hands to my church and other ventures, and I'm a witness that God gives it all back 100,000 fold and more so.

Hi Zaki
I wonder if is taken already? Better go check...

As long as it's a subject close to your heart and you feel with passion that it's a God-led directive, He will prosper it.

Glendell-The Art Master
I love digging into stuff.

And look at you with the bold header! Is it that way in your blog title in Blogger?

You've taught me something new, Art Master.

Be blessed and thank God for our independence today!

kystorms said…
well, this was an eye opener for me, as one who runs adsense.... not sure how I feel now about it. but I do not have anywhere near the page views on my Jericho blogspot blog that you have here... I need to get my fanny in gear, and then maybe I can be making this kind of money too!
:-) It's great that you keep getting this information to us, its helping me out so much.
Happy Fourth Paula!!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link. I have a close family member with diabetes.
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