Your Blog is Locked...How to Get it Unlocked

Your blog is locked by Blogger. Here's how to get it Paula Neal Mooney

"This blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots."

That's the message I received the other day when I tried to create a new post on my dad's blog.

"You will not be able to publish your posts, but you will be able to save them as drafts."

Thankfully, Google had a nice little link to click on to let the Google-bots know that it wasn't a splog.

Within a couple of days, I got an email saying that the blog had been unblocked and would never be so rudely called a spam blog again.

Don't know what triggered the melee.

I know Google is cracking down on made-for-Adsense blogs, and I know I'm not the only one who received the "your blog is locked" message.

So don't be alarmed if one day you receive the "this blog has been locked by spam-prevention robots" error. Just follow Google's instructions, sit tight and they'll unlock it soon.

For me, the short-term blog blocking by Blogger was just further confirmation that "
Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward" to!

Though I know that WordPress also locks blogs -- and that military blogs are getting locked up the wazoo right now -- it was time for me to delve into my other dot com.

I'm having a ball at learning WordPress. Stay tuned for the big dot com reveal soon!

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Sunny Ellis said…
Hey Paula! I'm enjoying your latest posts. I've noticed fewer posts, but I do think they have more content. WTG!

Whenever I see you have posted recently, I skip all the others and check yours out first.
Thanks, Sunny...that's a great compliment coming from you, because I know you're not afraid to tell me the truth.

Yeah, I've slowed down and tried to produce better content.

Plus, I'm learning and having so much fun over there!

zaki said…
Yeah....I'm learning it too with a good guy which have been a good blogger friend to me. Hopefully I can launch my own dot com as soon as yours too...
Glen said…
That was another reason that I left blogger for my own dot com hosted blog. It was like a slap in the face to have my original content labeled as spam. is about the same but better than blogger.
Laura said…
Hi Paula!

I'm glad that you were able to unlock your blog. Have fun with WordPress, I know that I've been really happy using it.
Vanessa said…
Hey, Paula! I got that message once. Thanks for the explanation; yours was way better than Blogger.

Can hardly wait for your WordPress unveiling....
Bonnie Calhoun said…
There are numerous reason fro the blog locking...most of them just mistakes. I would caution you though about will lose absolutely ALL of your rankings by switching...every last one of them...and it takes multiple months worth of posts before the stats will even recognize you again...then you must get all of your linking sites to change to the new links...meanwhile your page rank is in the toilet and all your hadr work so far goes into the toilet!!!

Buttttt...if you really want to change...I can't stop you...but i really wouldn't if I were you! :-)
Hi Zaki
Yes, with all those cool plug-ins like the SEO Title Tag and the Cutline Theme and stuff, I can see why people LOVE wordpress.

I'm starting to believe WordPress is better than Blogger in many ways.

But I still love Blogger, too. It was great practice ground for me.

I'm getting happier with WordPress as the days go on.

Thank GOD it was so much easier than I'd anticipated.

I keep forgetting you were on Blogger before you went to TypePad.

Stay tuned...

Thanks, Bonnie
Don't worry, this blog is staying on Blogger, my new niche dot com is on WordPress.

And you can run ads on sites.

Yeah, I'm keeping and increasing these stats and ranks on this blog -- Lord willing!
xcodex said…
heiii give me sosme tips for add trafick for my web
Shawn said…
I totally get why you're considering Wordpress. I have been amazed at all that it can do and how much support is available to those who know so little like me. Blogger is going to really miss out because your work is awesome. Looking forward to the new dot com.
JA Huber said…
Hey Paula! My Tallahassee blog has been blocked for being a spam blog! I'm waiting for verification that it is indeed NOT a spam blog. Perhaps it's time to move over to WordPress, too. Keep on blogging :)
Hi xcodex -
Immediately increase your blog traffic by reading this right now.

Hi Shawn

Thanks for the compliments!

And don't worry, I'm not leaving Blogger...I've just set up a new dot com on WordPress.

Details coming soon...

JA Huber
Oh yeah, I guess Google is really checking up on stuff.

But I'd wish they'd go after the OBVIOUS made-for-Adsense sites that have no content on the page except for ads.

You keep blogging too,
A Problogger Mom said…
Hi Paula, was just checking in to see if your new WP project had been announced yet! I have just moved over from my blogspot blog to WP, and I am glad to have read above that you are leaving this one here and doing something new on WP. That has been my biggest hurdle so far, trying to figure out what to do with the old one, I just hate abandoning it, but it seems the easiest thing to do. Anxious to see your new project!

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