Website Founders Get Idea, Quit Their Day Jobs...then Snag a Reality-Show Deal website founders quit their day job and snag reality show Paula Neal Mooney

Ray Doustdar has intrigued me ever since I saw him on TV this past weekend and emailed him.

Not only did he email me back a seriously inspirational clip about staying hungry and foolish, Ray said he'd maybe love to meet me the next time he stops thru Cleveland.

But I'm starting at the middle.

Let me give you the backstory that first caught my attention.

Team Dating Dot Com Moguls are Born
One night Ray was hanging out in a bar in LA with a buddy having drinks, and they saw two girls they wanted to approach.

"God...why isn't there a way to do this online?" Ray asked the sky.

"Yeah, it'd be like team dating," his friend said.

Team dating...

"The words hung in the air," Ray said.

The next day the duo quit their jobs, and was born.

The concept is brilliantly simple: Groups of girls and guys (or a mix of the two) create free team profiles online, then get together in real life to see who hits it off.

Instead of a single girl being afraid to meet a guy that she first met online in a bar somewhere, she can bring a few of her friends with her to meet a guy and his friends. Next?
Okay, I'm married, and thankfully off the meat market -- but what struck me about Ray's interview was not only his Midwestern honesty about their screening process, but how much faith he and co-founder Kipp Gillian placed in their brainchild.

The gamble seems to be paying off.

Since starting the site about a year ago, Ray and Kipp have nabbed mentions from USA Today, NBC's Today Show-- as well as a jab from The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and others.

And they just signed a reality-show deal.

Ray's passion is contagious. He's got me thinking we need a site like this for married couples...I'm not talking key parties here.

Anyway, here's the interview that so inspired me. Let it do the same for you.

(Watch it here if you see nothing above.)

And don't forget that name. I'll bet ya they'll be floating around the top of my list of blogger and webmaster salaries soon...


YBP said…
thats that young web 2.0 economics.

make apps that people can use and enjoy, and it could mean big dollars. stumbleupon is a testament to that ($75 mil from ebay!!?!)

so when is your latest and greatest invention coming, paula?

we wrote about learning how to jump into the tech world and build something awesome over at ybpguide.
cybermonk said…
An inspirational story that everyone should read. Proof that there are so many new and exciting ways to make a living online.

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