Paris Hilton Back-to-Jail Video...She Cries, KNBC's Robert Kovacik Gets Hit by Cop Car

by Paula Neal Mooney

Crazy day for Paris Hilton.

Watch the video of Paris Hilton as she goes back to jail and reportedly cries...but I only saw an overhead shot of Paris hugging her mom.

I only see pics of Paris crying next to the video (who got ripped by the judge) has up on in the "Hilton Ordered Back to Jail" piece.

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Video of KNBC reporter Robert Kovacik as he gets hit by a cop car can be found on the same site. But he's okay.

Yes, justice must be served. But it doesn't seem like a time to gloat over Paris Hilton's fate. I just pray God uses it to change her for the better...

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Dee said…
It's great to see justice is served.. even though I've always hated Paris and I was actually enjoying seeing her go to jail, I feel bad for her now. I'm not saying she shouldn't go to jail, cause she deserves that.. but will the media ever stop making that big of deal out of it. It is kinda of a big deal actually.. but you know.. ENOUGH already!
Latimer WIliams said…
I can't say that I feel bad for Paris Hilton at all. This was her 3rd time with a DUI charge obviously it's time to put her in jail before she kills someone. Maybe she will learn her lesson
maurizio said…
spammers here..

anyway, You should pay attention on the video you put on your site, or your international readers will be disappointed :-)
Apparently, MSNBC videos can't be seen outside the US. Not that I want to see Paris again.Maybe the city..

Btw, this remind me a joke I heard on TV maybe 10 years ago, about a girl who was named after the country where he was "created". When she explained that to a guy, he replied "Luckily your parent didn't do it in Turkey"
Hi Dee-
Yeah, they say average people only get 3 - 5 days for this type of offense.

I think the judge got mad because there was some confusion over whether Paris thought she could "phone in" her court appearance.

And he got mad at for some reason, too, and probably all the press that revealed Paris Hilton was eating cupcakes at home and getting visitors.

So I believe he's making an example out of Paris.

You're correct -- drunk driving is so serious!

Thank God I never hurt anyone when I was a drunk and stupid college student driving, two times I remember exactly.

And thank the Lord it hasn't happened again.

I can't help but feel empathy for human beings, however. Heaven forbid but imagine if she was our daughter.

But maybe this will be impetus for change.

I hate to see spoiled rich kids doing nothing with their lives.

I mean, maybe she gives a lot to charity. Who knows? But all those shows with her showing off her walk-in closet that's bigger than some people's houses doesn't help.

I hope she turns into the type that does good work like Brangelina.

Jolie was one of the first ones to go to Darfur -- before I even knew where the region was!

Hi there.

So, you can't watch the MSNBC video, but what about the video link and the AOL one above?

Can you see those?

Oh -- and I just deleted those spammer comments!

Love to all,
maurizio said…
My fault. I meant AOL.
The only video on the page is a TMZ video, but I can't see it. If I click on the links I go to their site which send me to an AOL video. So no video for me.
I saw the video on the msnbc site.
tanyetta said…
I just hope someone can get thru to Paris to encourage her to use this time to get her life right!

Dang, it's not like she's going to be scrubbing floors. What is she crying for? Drinking and Driving is a crime. And I honestly think she is still getting off lightly.

Instead of her momma crying all on the tv, etc, why not take this time to pull her daughter aside and say, baby, you have to get your life together.

Use this time to reflect and get your mind right!

ok, paula, i'm done talking about paris. I'm done :)
kweenkong said…
I tried not to post about the whole Paris Hilton thing, but had to just let it out yesterday... I ran into a friend at Traffic Court the same day Paris was released. His life seems ruined by less of an offense than Paris is guilty of.

So while I'm sorry for all the embarrassing media attention she is getting, I am relieved that she's not getting away with repeated DUI type offenses that could have resulted in vehicular murder.

Even she has to clean up her act at some point, just like the rest of us.
Tanya said…
The spectacle that is the Paris Hilton arrest/release/re-arrest drama has crossed the boundaries of ridiculous into the truly absurd. Absurd and deeply annoying.

For goodness sake, let's not lose sight of what's going on here. Paris Hilton is a spoilt little rich girl who is guilty of recklessness and immaturity, traits which culminated in real legal transgressions for which she has been, correctly, called to account. But the spectacle we are witnessing now is just another grotesque, media-fueled free-for-all, damn the consequences.

Charles Karel But Bouley has written an excellent, common sense article on this LA judicial freakshow [] and his take on why this has escalated to the extend which it has, is spot on.

It's no longer about Paris Hilton, or about the noble principle of the rule of law. It is about the absurdity of our media culture, our obsession with celebrity, and, possibly most worryingly of all, the intersection of media and politics, to the detriment of rational, balanced and fair decision making.

Without putting too fine a point on it, our world is in serious trouble when international coverage of the G8 summit, so crucial for the future of our planet, is interrupted by the sensational ticker tape announcement of an inconsequential girl's inconsequential misdemeanors.
neo said…
i think it is hard being a celebrity and if u r Paris Hilton it gets even more hard. Personally i think haad it been any other person he would not have made such a stir , but u can always trust Paris to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

BTW spare a thought for that poor soul who has taken so much by media, public, friends , relatives but still stands dignified.
For a bit of Paris humor, I wrote a fun post on my blog about Paris Hilton…stop by and check it out:
Donbizblogger said…
So I wonder what type of diet Paris will have while in jail? I'm wondering because it's "health and wellness" week on my blog!!!

If anyone finds out, let me know and I'll post it!

Oh, yes, I'm getting visitors but literally no click throughs on my google adsense ads. I'd welcome any feedback.

Love this blog.
The Old Vic said…
Hi Paula,
Yup I think PH got a bum deal from a bum judge.
Congratulations on your latest payola list - it must have taken ages to put together
One point - the link for no. 42 seems to take me to No. 41 ?
Also the videos and formatting on your site really play havoc with my PC.
Kind regards, Vic
Celebrity Opps said…
I really think Paris missed a good opportunity to build some respect. If she had just admitted her mistake, apologized, and accepted her fate - I think we all would have felt some empathy. Too bad she's an idiot...
Robert Kovacik, is a wonderful person. I Joyce Danelen feel Robert Kovacik, should be the anchor man and sit behind the desk.
Who would not want to wake up and see his handsome face?

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