Jessie Marie Davis: Missing and 9 Months Pregnant...Please pray she comes home alive

by Paula Neal Mooney

Jessie Marie Davis -- 27 years old and 9 months pregnant -- is missing.

Jessie also has a 2-year-old son who was found alone in her North Canton, Ohio, home.

He told police that his mother was crying and "in the rug" after his grandmother, Patty Porter, came to her daughter's duplex Friday after not hearing from her daughter since the previous Wednesday evening.

This case is close to home because Jessie's mother, Patty Porter, 60, attends my church.

Watch Patty Porter plead for prayers for Jessie and their family. I don't know her personally, but knowing she belongs to my church family makes her feel closer to me.

Our congregation held hands and prayed yesterday for Jessie to come home.

I don't know if the wails and sobs I heard in the sanctuary were coming from Jessie's family, but this family needs all our help and eyes at this moment, as the Stark County sheriff has pleaded.

Jessie Marie Davis' Family
Bobby Cutts, Jr. is the father of Jessie's son and soon-to-be-born baby daughter -- Cutts is seen below kneeling on the ground while joining a search party Sunday in Lake Township.

There is controversy because Cutts is "currently separated from his wife, Kelly," with whom he also shares two children.

If anything, I pray the controversy helps shed more light on this case.

Bobby Cutts and Kelly are NOT suspects in the case at this time, the police have said.

Looking at Cutts' grief, I believe he also only needs our prayers at this time. He didn't talk to reporters yesterday, but his mom said this is not about him -- just about bringing Jessie and the baby girl home safe.

There have been signs of foul play surrounding the case, like bleach found poured on the floor, and the little boy's reference to the rug.

But I'm still holding out hope for that Jessie will come home alive, because reportedly no blood was found in the residence.

Maybe the intruder only used the bleach to make Jessie temporarily unconscious, and like other past cases similar to this only had designs to eventually kidnap the baby. Because if Jessie weren't alive, I believe the intruder would have more than likely left Jessie at the home.

How to Help Find Jessie Marie Davis
Here are ways to help if you have any information or sightings of Jessie Marie Davis:


Anonymous said…
$50,000.00 REWARD!
Lisa Stebic has been missing since Monday, April 30th. She was last seen at her home (in Plainfield, Illinois) at around 6 pm. Her car is still in her garage and she has her cell phone and wallet with her.

According to police, her cell phone has not been used since April 30th and neither has her credit card. Lisa would never leave her children.

Lisa, 37, is 5′ 2″ tall, 120 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She has two visible tattoos, a small rose on her ankle and a large butterfly on her lower back.
zaki said…
Hopefully she'll return / be found...

It's sad to know such situation is happening
I pray this turns out ok. Her family is in my thought and prayers.
mandy said…
your storys are good and very helpful.thank you
would likre to know if there is away to e-mail the family of davis
my prays are with them and her.
I send them all my hope and know that are thoughts are with them.
I don't know them but would like them to know that they are in my heart and pray god will send her home to them.
I still pray somehow this will be okay.

A baby girl was found yesterday, a newborn who'd been left on a registered nurse's porch.

They are testing the baby's DNA right now to determine if the baby belongs to Jessie.

Mandy, perhaps the family and friends of Jessie are reading this now, and they all know how much we are praying for them.
Darrell Tyler said…
This is something I've beeb watching now for some time. I really hope and pray that this mother is still safe and will be brought back home to her family very soon.

We live in a terrible world. Only the lives of good people and their caring and loving ways makes it bearable at times.

zawadi said…
Really hope and pray this family is reunited and She and the baby are both safe.
I try and keep up with what's in the news, but sometimes it really breaks me up inside.
Anonymous said…
She was found. Bobby Cutts did it. He has been taken in and charged with 2 counts of first degree murder. so much for him NOT being a suspect.
David said…
Why does an otherwise attractive Caucasian Woman, from what seemed to be an OK family take up with a married negro male?

Looks like she got what SHE deserved, to bad about her family however. There is a lesson here kids.
Jesus help us all. And thank you for the victory over the demons of racism that are rearing their ugly heads.

I take comfort in the fact that you moved in Jessie's life recently, and that you were changing her from the inside before she left this world.

Manchild said…
Hello Paula,

How tragic! I, too, was praying for a happier ending. Hopefully, the news media will not spin into a "black/white" issue just to improve ratings.

Is it just me or has there been a sudden rise in violent crimes recently, especially against women and the elderly?

Since Lisa's family attends your church, please give them a hug from our family to theirs. May God's love comfort them during this difficult season.

Denise said…
I want to comment on Davids entry.
How can you say that she got what she deserved!!!!!! You are just as sick and demented as the monster that killed Jessie and her baby!!!!
What lesson is supposed to be learned from this? There are alot of "Otherwise Caucasian women who are in relationships with black men and vice versa. Your comment was very uncalled for and should not of been posted in the first place.
I just heard about the Patty Porter / Blake Davis Endowment Fund that's been set up to care for the little boy.

My local news said that any First Merit Bank is taking donations, so search here for a local one.

I'm sure we'll hear more and update this with more.

To the family and loved ones of Jessie Marie Davis, my heart truly goes out to you in this tragic hour.

May God sincerely comfort you all. Hold on, and just keep holding on.
Information from the Plain Dealer regarding Jessie's funeral and where donations can be sent:

Two funds have also been established to support Davis' family.

Donations to the
Jessie M. Davis North Canton Fund can be sent to
National City, Direct
Banking/Customer Service
P.O. Box 3038
Locator Code: K-A16-4A
Kalamazoo, MI 49009-3038

Donations to the
Patty Porter/Blake Davis Endowment Fund, which will help Davis' 2-year-old son, can be sent to:
FirstMerit Bank
210 N. Main St.
Rittman, OH 44270
Watch video from the Jessie Davis funeral service held at the House of the Lord today, if available in your area.

The site also contains info about the funds set up for little Blake.

Patty Porter said she felt comforted by the fact that Jessie felt the Lord speaking to her to get her life in order when Bishop T.D. Jakes came to our church one amazing night with a full-moon a month or so ago, when Jessie was there.

Sounds like Jessie did some amazing things -- and was a believe in Christ all her life, and she even did missionary work in Africa.

God bless her soul. I pray her family feels peace somehow right now thru Jesus thru this tragedy.

May Jessie and Chloe rest in the Savior's everlasting love.


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