Robin Thicke's Can U Believe Video...Can You Believe He's Got the Christian Hand Raise Down?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Bear with me techies, my next posts will tell you all how my Google Pagerank jumped from a 2 to 5 overnight -- plus how much closer to $7,000 I've made from blogging and stuff thus far, so subscribe and you won't miss it.

But today Robin Thicke premiered his new Can U Believe video, and you all know what a Robin Thicke fiend I've been lately.

In the "Can U Believe" video, I was glad to see Robin wearing the Christian cross around his neck, and he's got that feel-the-Holy-Spirit-power-wash-down-on-me Christian hand raise down pat.

I love it. I love it. I love it.

Does anyone know if Robin Thicke is Christian?

These things matter to me.

Kind of like the people who say they're colorblind. They have the right heart, but I don't always believe it. Plenty of my search terms are related to race and such...

Back to Mr. Thicke, who by the by is going to be on American Idol tonight!

And Kween Kong at tipped me off that Robin Thicke is playing May 25th or 27th in Chicago at the Riveria, or "Riv," as Jennifer Aniston's character called it in The Break Up.

I'll be hunting down some tickets...Got the hook up, anyone? Anyone?

I don't think that pretty Asian girl is Paula Patton, his wife, however in this new Robin Thicke video. Makes sense, seeing as though the lyrics are along the line of missing someone and no one else will do.

I understand. As I write, my hubby is on a cross-country flight back from Los Angeles. Lord willing.

And I'm off to do some Christian hand-raising of my own.

Bishop T.D. Jakes is coming to my church tonight.

And I just got my Mahalia Jackson fix at home.

Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho...
And the walls came tumbling down...


James said…
Jakes is the man, I would love to be there, you keep this Robin Thicke stuff up and I may just check him out!
Tayo said…

This is Paula Patton

Even though I'm a Robin Thick stan, I've heard some rumors about him... specifically about his drug usage... I'm hoping that they are false or exaggerated, but, who knows in Hollywood...

I don't know whether he is a Christian or not, though...
Yeah, James, check him out! (I'm hoping my husband will think it's a nice romantic evening if I take him to the Riv to see Robin Thicke.)

Thanks, Tayo.

So I wonder who that other girl is in Robin Thicke's "Can U Believe" video?

Oh well, I'm sure Ask Men will have her pic up in a month or two...Wink, wink...
Vanessa said…
Hi, Paula!

Haven't seen the new video; hopefully I'll see it soon. He's coming to West Palm Beach soon. I'd like to see him but don't think my schedule will allow it.

I don't know if he's Chrisitian, I know he should be with the blessings he's received. From the interviews I've read, he's had issues with drugs. If he's not overcome that, I'll pray that he does.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy his music. Peace.

~ V
Tisha! said…
Paula I don't know what to say, it's pretty incredible what's going on between us and I have an inkling why...I feel that with your help I am preparing for the turning point ahead, sincerely.

God bless you Sister for sharing your love!
lifestyle said…
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kystorms said…
Hello Paula

I enjoyed the post, sorry I am writing late, but I was hoping to ask you if you planned on posting a tiny bit about Pastor Jakes visit to your church??? I know I sure would LOVE to hear about it, my Mom loves his preaching.
T.D. Jakes? Ya'll must have taken up one enormous offering to get him. lol
mba resume said…
Big fan. Not sure about the rumors.

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