Do Follow My Google Pagerank Increase Tips...My Pagerank Just Jumped from 2 to 5!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Google Pagerank is important.

To put it simply, Google assigns a rank ranging from 0 - 10 to determine how important a website is or isn't.

Zero means little importance, 10 means you're as important as,

Check your Google Pagerank right here with this tool, seeing as though there's this big debate over the accuracy of the pagerank displayed on the toolbar right now.

For the longest time my Google Pagerank was sitting at a paltry 2, even though I did all the stuff that techies swear would help, including linking to my own blog a lot.

Increasing Google Pagerank from 2 to 5
Finally, the other day -- after I'd written an envious comment or two on other blogs excited over their Pagerank increases -- I noticed that the little green line on my Google Pagerank toolbar had moved to the middle when I was sitting on my blog's home page.

I was so excited to see my Pagerank jump to a five, I took the above screenshot.

What's the big deal about Google Pagerank?
For me, who knew nothing about Pagerank mere months ago, PR -- as they call it -- has become a gold mine.

More and more sites that pay bloggers for individual blog posts (sign-up for free email updates to find out more about getting paid to blog and such) use Google Pagerank as one of the factors to determine how much that blog is worth.

Just look at this guy selling PR 5 one-way links for 40 bucks a pop!

So PR matters.

It matters so much, before mine jumped to a five, I hunted down the Google employee in charge of Pagerank and asked him why my PR was so low.

He told me to breathe, take up yoga, and diagnosed that I was suffering from PRO -- pagerank obsession -- and led me to Webmaster Central for tips.

Join the Dofollow Movement and Increase Your Pagerank...
Linking to myself so much (like in my byline above, which links to my homepage) or leaving comments on other blogs with something called NOFOLLOW attributes in the code didn't help me at all.

Basically, if I left a comment on somebody's site and signed it, for example, and they have NOFOLLOW attributes set up in their code, that bit of comment spamming would get me nowhere.

However, if I left in the comment section of somebody's blog who was kind enough to remove those NOFOLLOW attributes, Google would count that towards my pagerank.

So do this stuff and let me know if your pagerank increases in the next 3 - 4 months of active commenting on DOFOLLOW blogs and linking to yourself on your own blog:

(1) Read and act on the advice of Andy Beard, who spells out in this post how to remove the nofollow attributes on your blog.

(2) Join DOFOLLOW blogrolls like those at Tricia's Musings.

(3) Add a pretty U Comment, I Follow kind of image created by Randa Clay to your blog and let folks know you've banished that NOFOLLOW stuff and encourage them to comment -- but not with spam. Check out all the blogs listed in her post and see which ones have removed their NOFOLLOW and comment away!

(4) Link back to your main blog on any other blogs or sites you author, and make sure to remove those NOFOLLOW attributes, too, if you can. This is what I do -- at least the linking to my main blog -- from my dad's tax blog and another blog I author.

But I just reminded myself to go check those NOFOLLOW attributes too!

With time and lots of good "do following," your Google Pagerank should steadily increase...


Linette said…
Thanks for sharing this information. I am going to change the setting on my blog tomorrow to do follow. You share some great information here.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
PS...I saw your boy Robin Thicke on American idol last night...Mmmmmm!!!!

LOL...I don't see your PageRank in that screenshot. careful on who you give the link love too, because if they have pageranks of ) to...say 4...they will contribute to bringing your links down, for giving them outgoing links.

I'm not being a link whore, but read this article...

PageRank on my How Can I Do That blog!
maurizio said…
Paula, did you know that Toolbar's Pagerank is different from their internal pagerank?
But the most important thing you should know is that the pagerank you see on the toolbar is updated only every 4-5 months..
And don't worry too much about it on comments. Google's engineers are smart enough to understand that comment links are not as important as article's links. So if I write here Check Technorati Favorites Tool (which is on a PR3 site) it shouldn't give away your PR rating too much.
kystorms said…
Once again, you have come up with great ideas to follow and I have done them with all hopes of gaining better standing with my blog! Thank you Paula for the help you give us all.I am interested, how long was it before you saw the page rank jump?
Michael said…
Hey Paula,
Just wanted to comment that I still watch your blog for tip.

The "dofollow" comments do work.
tAnYeTTa said…
stopping by to say hello!!!!!
Laura said…
Congratulations! You deserve a good rating. I went from 0 to 3. Yeay us!!
Hey all, thanks for letting me know good tips, too.

Bonnie - I'm headed over to check out your piece.

Maurizio - Yeah, I read that those toolbar PRs differ from the internal PR. I believe that PR checker I listed shows the internal PR...

I'm still gonna run you Technorati Favorites Tool to see who's favorited me and who I need to badger! Just kidding...

Lisa - Seems like I was stuck on a PR of 2 for months and months. I read Google updates every 3 - 4 months, but mine didn't update a few months ago when everyone else's did. I really believe the DOFOLLOW movement helped.

Hey Michael - Which Michael are you? Please enable your Blogger profile, if you will...

Hey Tanyetta! Fishbone lady!

Thanks, Laura. Congrats to you too!
kweenkong said…
Well, since you're loving boosting your PR, maybe you'll participate in the link love thingy I'm here to "enroll" you in!

Any and every blogger can participate in "Feed My Feed," but I'm to specifiy 3 to add to the blogroll.

Hope you're game. ;-)

Participation details are at
Ellen Weber said…
Great suggestions here Paula, and thanks! While I really enjoy people I've met in the blogging community, and while I love the ideas generated, I depend on the smart folks like you to link what I do to the tech side! Great post!
Martin Lindsey. said…
Mine seems to be a 3. What does that mean to me in practical terms?
Hey Martin - In practical terms, sites like ReviewMe, PayPerPost, and other advertisers check out a sites' Google Pagerank in order to determine how much you get paid to blog.

So...if you're interested in making money off your blog thru ad revenue, paid blogging sites, etc., the higher you get towards a PR of 10, the better.
reviewer said…
Great info Paula - Thanks and Congrats!- Donna
Randa Clay said…
Congrats on the pagerank increase and thanks for the mention! Mine went from 3 to 5 with the last google adjustment and it was all due to "I Follow".
Vanessa said…
Great info as usual, Paula! Thank you!
Court said…
Well done on the PageRank jump! I also have a list of do follow bloggers if anyone wants to join. Here's the URL:
Don said…
Congrats on the PR jump! Nice to see that the G is giving you some PR Luv!

I also got a nice increase in PR, but didn't make it to 5!

Paula very interested in learning more about Blogging and how it generates revenue.Any basics you can give?Thanks.
Hey Lorenzo -

The way most people make money blogging is by running ads on their blogs and by getting paid to write posts -- and for referring people to products and getting a cut of the pay.

Click on that article above left below my picture, and that will lead you to the links to sign up with these places.

And please subscribe!

I give new tips as I learn them all the time.
Dave said…
I just found your blog through Darrin at and I like it. You have a lot of useful information. ANd I agree DoFollow is great.
Andrew Bargery said…
I'm loving this great idea. I have installed the plugin.

Hopefully my page rank will move from a lowly ZERO.

Cheers and great blog by the way!
Ana said…
This is so helpfull. Thanks
Hobby Cooking said…
Thanks Mate,Great Info shared By You!! :-)
Anonymous said…
I subscribed to the movement yesterday and even added my site to one of those lists displaying all participating sites. Sadly, I have been spammed 4 times in less than 24 hours by people who clearly have zero interest in my site and what it is about. This is only a great idea if applied to trusted commenters on your blog- or if you use a plugin that allows you to set a certain number of comments someone must have first.
PageRank updates occur once every few months, and the last one was about a week ago- so don't expect any overnight jumps in PageRank- the next time your PR will change will be no earlier than July.
Dustin said…
Excellent information! I'm working on trying this out to increase my pageranking.

The Chronicles of My Life
Yeah, Dustin - You've gotta be diligent about deleting the spam commenting when you do the "do follow" or "i follow" or "no no follow" thing.

I'll probably go thru today and delete the ones that are truly spammy comments on my blog.

WordPress has that askimet thing.

I wonder if Blogger has something like that?

I like to make it easy for people to leave comments, without all that CATCHPA stuff...

Rinsem's Rink said…
I have been participating in the DoFollow movement for a bit now and saw move from a 0 to a 3 in the last update - I'm expecting to move to a 4 or 5 on the next one.
Steve Spalding said…
Great post, I just hopped on the DoFollow bandwagon at my Web 2.0 blog It is a really great way to build community and increase the number of commenters.
A one, even a two position jump in PageRank is commendable, but a three position jump is amazing. Your hard work has paid off -- congratulations and, yes, I have installed "do follow" as well.

Matt K
Rinsem's Rink -

Congrats on the PR3, I'm sure you'll move up to a 4 or 5 next go 'round.

Steve -
Yes, I didn't know much about the DoFollow bandwagon till Andy Beard and others wrote about it.

Make sure to live link your web site's URL when leaving comments around.

Matt -
Thanks...I was so happy to get to a PR5. Hope we go up and up and up...
Jayce Ooi said…
Thanks for the tips. :)
Francis Simisim said…
Great tip, this definitely helps! Thank you

Francis Simisim
colonel cash said…
Thanks for the info- I've made the changes that you've talked about, deleted the NOFOLLOW stuff from the code and added the Logo. I've put in right on top of my page at . Great infoblog! Thanks!
publishing said…
Thanks Paula. I recently joined the Do Follow movement after reading about it on a few other sites. I posted about my joined here I Follow.

I think this is a great idea and hope more people join us.

Cybermonk said…
I'm definitely a dofollower. The settings exists so blog spamming utilities won't take advantage of your site, but people shouldn't be so paranoid. Dofollow is good for the community.

The Art of Search Engine Marketing
Steve said…
Do Follow is what has already increased my traffic and alexa rank, I am only getting excited for what PR might lie ahead for me and my page!
lucia said…
Great tip. I've actually been adding the feeds of dofollow blogs into a script I created that shows a random set of feed titles at a page on my blog. I try to read 5 do follow blogs a day, and if I'm interested in the content, I comment!

I figure that way, I get links from blogs that match my interests-- which generally match my niche.
julian said…
Do Follow helped me go from a 2 to 4 - i recommend it...does anybody want to come with me and start up a new site called

What do you think Paula? Are you up for it?

Cool name...
Hi Jayce -
I didn't realize how long it'd been since I'd responded to these comments!

Thank you.

So shall we, huh? Interesting blog name...

Hi Colonel Cash
Glad you made those changes. I hope they help your PR.

Publishing there's a direct name!

Yes, dofollow unto others as you would have them dofollow unto you.

Good. Yeah, it'll be exciting to see that little Google PR bar go up in the future!

Have you published info about that script somewhere? Sounds like you and Julian could hook up with that idea...

You'd better go buy ASAP before somebody else snatches that domain name!

I'm so blessedly busy setting up my other dot com on WordPress, I'm pretty involved with that.

But are you on now?

Tell me your vision for the dofollow site...I think you've got a GREAT idea there.

Jump on it!
Elizabeth Adams said…
Hey, Paula ...

Randa Clay now has a hot pink "U-COMMENT, I-FOLLOW" logo over at her site now!


Regards, Elizabeth ...

flesc said…
Hi, i'm an italian blogger.
this is an interesting post.. thanks
Thank you Paula for the tip!
What I do not understand is why my toolbar shows nothing for blogspot blogs.... For instance, this one: Decorative Art in Modern Interior Design always shows grey bar - but all pages are in Google index.
Ellen said…
I'm so glad I found your blog! Thank you for making it easy to understand all this stuff. I'm on it!
melo villareal said…
your story is very inspiring... i have just activated my dofollow plugin... my pagerank rightnow is 3 and hopefully ill achieve 5 soon... congrats
Komirad said…
Is there a wordpress version?
Hi Komirad - Yeah, if you follow Andy Beard's link above, I believe he includes the Wordpress instructions.

His posts are great and very detailed.

Thanks all,
jengkie said…
these are really great tips! I can't wait to see my page rank increase... patience is truly a virtue!
Nicholas Chan said…
Hi pau;a. I now had do follow in my blog. Yay =)

Now hope my pagerank can increase soon.

Nicholas from
iNicholas Tech and Make Money Online Blog
Nicholas Chan's Blog
Natalie said…
Hi Paula...

I have activated the akismet in WP.. and now i need to active the dofollow-plugins, how do you think about this idea?

Please let me know
Hi Natalie -

You know, I activated that Askimet plugin on my WordPress site, but I got errors.

I kinda prefer to manually moderate comments for now anyway.

But the DOFOLLOW stuff, I've only done that on my Blogger blogs, not WP yet.

Yet if you follow the link in this post to Andy Beard's blog, he has LOTS of info on WP sites, as well as DOFOLLOW issues with WP sites.

Much more experience than me, so check out Andy's site and let me know if that answers your questions.

I know some people around the blogosphere are going back to the NOFOLLOW thing because of spam comments abuse, but I'm staying DOFOLLOW for know.

I'll see how much my Google Pagerank increases the next update...
Flap said…
Hi Paula,

I faved you in technorati the other day.

Would you please do likewise?

I have also taken you do follow advice in WP.

Hi Flap -

I just favored you on Technorati manually.

Once and a while I still run that tool created by engtech to automatically favor everyone's blog who has favored mine.

I believe it still works (the updated version) because I have a lot of favorites!

Take care,
Jewel said…
Hi Paula.

Great post, I came here through a link form another post on DoFollow. I think it's a really good idea, and I have changed changed
This Is What I Do For Money and my personal blog to NoFollow. I will change all my blogs over the next day.

Funny how this is something I didn't even know was an issue – I am so happy for blogs like yours!
Nidhi said…
Paula, I learnt quite a few blogging tricks from your site. This is something new that I dont hear elsewhere, let me try and see what difference it makes on my website (Creating Wealth)

Alex Vorn said…
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TML said…
Thanks for the tips, Paula.. I have joined the Do Follow blogroll for my new blog (Casual Blogging). Hope to see the result soon.
Aziz said…
As a tribute to those bloggers who follow links (remove nofollow attribute from links) in comments and trackbacks I have created a custom search engine to search within blogs that follow links in comments and trackbacks. Hope this will be helpful to bloggers who are in search of posts in their niche to comment on.

I am looking forward to your participation in this project. If you are willing to become a contributor please click on "Volunteer to contribute" link on the Custom Search Engine homepage. If not you can simply contribute by sending in the URLs of the blogs that follow links in their comments and trackbacks section.

Don't forget to bookmark this custom search engine for your own use.

You can also add this search engine to your google ig homepage and also to your blog! Just visit the custom search engine homepage and you'll find the links to add them.

For any further assistance / discussion / doubts, do write to me.
daniel said…
Paula thx for your tips,
I am using it now at my blog.

I hope it'll work soon

Patrick Burt said…
Paula, do you know where I could find a tutorial on removing nofollow for WordPress?
Greg White said…

Great Post and Great Blog! I added you as a favorite at Technorati.

I'm also going to join the DoFollow Blogroll right away.

Thanks for the tip!

Drop by and visit some time...

Greg White
Blog Marketing Tactics
Technorati is crazy!

I just tried to add your blog as a favorite, Greg, and they now say:

"Sorry, at the moment we do not support more than 200 favorites per user. This feature is coming soon. If you wish to add this url please delete another favorite and try again or check back later."


I should be able to add as many favorites as I want.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing...
n1ghtfly3r said…
i've join the do follow movement too.. it's work very well..thanks for sharing..
affiliate said…
I`m not yet clean up my "follow" but I`ll try this just for proofing it
Michael said…
Good article. This is good information for any web developer to know on how to improve their page rank. I just hope that my page rank could jump that much
Scott Herron said…
I have ran across your article twice now. I just finished checking my blogs and my main WP site to make sure your advice was implemented. I wish you more PR for your efforts. I seem to be stuck at 0 despite front page google search results on my articles.

Keep writing on,
Photo Frames said…
Thanks for sharing this information. . keep doing this
Affordable Seo said…
Do follow blogs is the way to move forward and this is mainly because it encourages more people to comment.

Yes there is the threat of spammers and I think this can be solved by various methods. Spamming ownt be a problem if you are an active blogger.

The best part is readers get something in return too.

The following links are useful for searching for do follow blogs
Anonymous said…
I came to know about the movement from Randa Clay's blog but was disappointed to find that many who joined the movement have decided to revert back to nofollow, thanks to the constant abuse by comment spammers.
Timon Weller said…
I agree with you with the do follow comments increasing page rank. This would mainly to do with it increasing traffic flow on your blog..
I have made by blog do follow by using that keyword luv plugin. I was really amazed on how much you are earning by doing online work. I will be reading your blog on regular basis to learns something valuable.
The problem with do-follow is people will spam. If a blog is good enough then the blog owner won’t need to have do-follow because people will comment to put their point of view accross, not to gain a back link.

The BBC is a perfect example of this. There are no links in the forums and blogs, yet they have many users.

However, when a blog is starting and it wants to get a upper hand, their is no harm in attracting people who want do-follow links, because some will become hooked, so even if you change to no-follow, people will still comment.
Irene said…
You make excellent points about Page rank here. There is a difference between working hard and working smart. I think 95% of links are essentially worthless for ranking purposes, though they can always bring in traffic, which is not a bad thing at all… I just can’t figure out which ones belong in the 95% category and which are in the magical other 5%.
taufik said…
Nice info Paula - Thanks and Success!- Taufik
Rachmawaty said…
okey.. i was read your article.. so,after we got PR from google,which one better we do for our blog. change to no follow or keep with do follow?
because my blog wallpaper have PR 3 right now from google
bali ratih said…
thanks to share your great idea

i am doing your advice
Great suggestions here Paula, and thanks! While I really enjoy people I've met in the blogging community

Bali Beach