SponsoredReviews.com Launch - How Much Money Can You Make?

by Paula Neal Mooney

I've been following 29-year-old Jarrod Hunt's launch of his new SponsoredReviews.com site -- which launched today! -- for some time now.

So much so that I thought I'd already blogged about Sponsored Reviews, but I guess I was waiting for this opportunity -- till Sponsored Reviews paid me for it.

Sponsored Reviews is a ReviewMe.com rival because Sponsored Reviews says they'll pay bloggers 65% of the bid price that advertisers are paying them -- ReviewMe.com pays only 50% of that price to bloggers.

Indeed, from this screenshot I've posted, you can see that I set my bid price for this sponsored post at $25.

Sponsored Reviews jumped quickly at my bait and have listed that I'll get 16 bucks (65%) for my blogging efforts.

Dag-nabbit! -- I should've bid up to 50 bucks -- but I wanted to get in fast and assuredly.

Maybe SR will give the other pay-per-post sites a run for their money, depending on how many advertisers jump on board.

As the founder of 360 Enterprises, Inc. and head of TextLinkBrokers.com and SponsoredReviews.com, Jarrod Hunt already seems like a whiz-kid with a good following.

I love that SponsoredReviews plans to pay their posties (uh oh, PPP, better trademark that word) bi-weekly. Most other pay-to-post sites only pay monthly.

I also like that Sponsored Reviews allows bloggers to set their own bid prices I've set mine at $75 and higher per post for other advertisers.

Bloggers and advertisers can also search for each other and haggle over bid prices like customers and shop-owners in Greenwich Village.

Of course, SR requires all the usual terms -- minimum word counts, disclosure, no spam blogs, etc. -- which you can read up on after creating an account.

The only thing I couldn't find was a Sponsored Reviews referral program.

So I shot Jarrod a quick email and he shot me an answer right back -- Jarrod is very responsive. I like that.

"We plan to launch an affiliate program fairly soon. Thanks for the inquiry," Jarrod

Fair enough.

As soon as he does, I'll update this post so my readers will know too. Subscribe to Paula Mooney by Email for Updates.


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That Journalist said…
Dear Paula,

You inspire me.

Dear Tara,

You inspire me, too!

blogpaul said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
blogpaul said…
Dear Paula AND Tara, you are both women so you BOTH inspire me!!!

I'm gonna check this review thing out as soon as I get back from my client site. You mentioned that you could not believe how fast I can throw something up..well guess what...I had an idea yesterday at 11am and put everything down to work on it and I am getting SLAMMED with response this morning...like I said...stick with me!!!

Looking at twitterami feedback REALLY starting to come in!!! What a buzz, I'm stoked that I can help!!! http://www.twitterami.com
Jose Tudor said…
Hi Paula,

I signed up this morning to be a reviewer, at your recommendation of course. Thanks for the cool info!

Take care,

James said…
I saw your picture with your Mom, Wow, and you are pretty hot also, You are exhibiting incredible style and branding. I am very proud of your work.

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