I'm sleepy...the blog/life balance

by Paula Neal Mooney

We've all heard of the work/life balance.

No doubt someone has already coined the blog/life balance term.

It's close to 1 a.m. and I've been all fired up over the way the Lord showed me how to put cool categories in my header.

I'm on a serious subscriber-garnering campaign!

Anyhoo, the fire's fading and I'm ready to rest.

Plus, I've blogged like a madwoman all week.

I owe folks reviews, this I know.

They'll be up this weekend.

I owe people comments and answers.

"The answer my friend, is blowing in the [mighty rushing] wind..."

But seriously, blog readers, they're all coming soon.

But right now, I'm putting this post up so I can awaken tomorrow and have a date with the swimming pool.

Happy blessed Friday everyone!


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Bonnie Calhoun said…
You rock girlfriend...the blog header is lookin' good!
paul said…
I think I'm in love with a 'White girl, some tease' that has tricked me in to reading her!

You know white guys and black girls make BEAUTIFUL babies...but your darn husband is really getting in the way!

Great post, I tell you what, I think out blog thinking is exactly the same right now!

This about what I mentioned...it could be a great place to get more readers to your site!
Thanks, Bonnie! God is amazing with the ideas He lets flow down to me...

Hey, hey Paul! That shop is looooooonnnnngggggg closed.

Yes, I do think biracial children are beautiful.

Don't they have any hot momis (single sistahs) down there in Florida?

I went to college in Tallahassee, you know. Or Tallahickie, as we called it.

Okay, I'm headed over to your blog later today 'cause I know you love the reciprocal comment thing.

We'll brainstorm our blogging plan some more...
Jose said…
Nice header!

Happy Friday, Paula.
Markk said…
Yeah, I agree. Your blog header has taken on a unique look. You're gonna blow 'em away with those description. Have a good rest...then bring it on again!
aprobloggermom said…
Hi Paula! Just found your blog through John Chow's blog, and have added you to my blogroll! I'll be checking back often!
Martin Lindsey. said…
Hey Paula, ditto on the header. That's a cool update.

Explain how PayPerPost is supposed to work. I signed up today and got logged in. When I click your PayPerPost link am I supposed to be able to immediately start typing a review or what? I got lost somehow. The link took me to another login screen but I was already logged in. Lead me thru the process please. I'm ready for my $7.50 to review you.

Also how do you get the button to automatically display at the end of each host? Haven't learned this programming tip yet.
Hey Marty, here are the PayPerPost ReviewMyPost rules -- they confused me a bit at first, too.

(And by the way, I see your name in the listed of my pending PayPerPost reviews.)

You joined on 2/25/07 and your status is still pending as of this morning.

(You should be able to log on to PayPerPost and continually check your status under "My Blogs" and "My Tabs" list.)

They do email you when your posts are approved, but I had to check to find out that my blog was approved.

Find the ReviewMyPost rules and the HTML code for the button all at https://payperpost.com/affiliates/reviewmypost

And I've copied them below:

PayPerPost is proud to introduce the new Review My Post program!

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The easiest way to achieve this is to simply modify your blog post template so that the badge automatically appears whenever you post a new blog.
life blog balance is hard to do....I know - I've spent saturday trying to leave the house...


cheers! Paula

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