Get Blog Readers by Posting Your Income, Predicting Hot Stories and More...

by Paula Neal Mooney

I didn't post that much this weekend, but my blog traffic increased enormously.

After a quick Google Analytics analysis of my stats, I've derived the following about some of my most popular posts this weekend.

Hopefully they can help you increase your blog traffic, too:

1 - Post your blog income

Even if you've only made 5 bucks online, post it and tell us how! Many people are interested in turning blogging into their full-time careers, and are hungry to learn about ways to make money.

I know that's why my I've made $4,375.75 online! Here's how you can too... post was pretty popular.

2 - Champion a cause
Ironically, my most popular post by far over the last week was Shaquanda Cotton Needs You..., an issue close to my heart. I didn't care if I lost every single one of my readers after writing that one; I just knew it was a story that needed to be passed along. Don't pander to your readers, write from your gut...

3 - Predict Hot Stories
Okay, the only way I know how to write today about the stories that many people will search for tomorrow is to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. That's what I did when I corresponded with Cindy George, and eventually wrote a post called The Cindy George Appeal: It Ain’t Just a Hoped-For Retrial.

Blessedly, as Jill Miller Zimon let me know, Cindy George was freed from jail recently, and that caused a spike this past weekend in my post about her.

I'm praying Shaquanda Cotton will be freed as well, Lord willing.

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Laura said…
It's true. People do like to hear the dollar earning figures, myself included. Especially when the detail is broken out. Everyone's thinking, well if she got X from that advertiser, I ought to at least make Y. What they forget is the talent factor. Not everyone has your talent.

As far as your most popular story, I think readers can tell when something is a heart issue. Or, perhaps it's just an underlying sense of decency and desire for justice that causes this type of story to bring in readers. Imagine if you could keep it up, posting heart issue after heart issue. I wonder what would happen to your readership?
Tisha! said…
I saw that you just couldn't stay away beautiful...I hope you are replenished!

I find that when you write from the heart as you do people can identify with you and come back for more!

much love!
Anonymous said…
Hey, nice blog. I agree with your post too. I will blog about my income when I'll have an income :)
0.00$ it's not a good number to show ;)

Anyway, check my (new) blog
zaki said…
Hmmm...I'm considering to take your to inform people about our income...maybe some of it...

Anyway, how do you check which post is the most popular post in your blog?
* Hi Laura - Don't worry, I'll mix it up!

* Yes, Tisha - You know how addictive this blogging thing can be. I liked when you posted pics during your foreign vacation...

* Hey Anonymous at, I'll be over there soon!

* Hi Zaki - I like both Google Analytics at and for stats.

You can place code on your blog and they'll track your stats. Then you can see which are the popular pages. ( only shows a limited amount for the free stuff.)

Google Analytics is free, too, and you'll get a lot of info.

Just let me know if you have any questions...
From Tammy Grisby via email:

What is your deal with Cindy George? You stated that you were infatuated. Fine. She's still guilty. Right is right, wrong is wrong. She is no more fit to be sprung than the other cold blooded killers increasing our prison population. It's sad to see otherwise rational people like yourself get so caught up in hype that you lose sight of the law. People like you are the reason why conservatives stay in power. When we're in the middle of the road, we err on the side of caution rather than err on the side of emotion and lunacy, which is what you represent in some of your blogs.

People sensationalize death as if the victim meant nothing to no one. Yes, I know you stated briefly that his mother lost a son, but your support for the mastermind behind his murder is apparent. You can pray until you're blue in the face, but Cindy is a killer, hasn't changed and nothing good will come to her.

I am grateful for being able to find the worth in your blog despite the ranting and raving you devote to these horrible men and women. It's easy to support monsters who aren't wreaking havoc in your life . So go ahead, stick to your gut, but I don't like it one bit.

360 degrees
Hi Tammy -

I just have compassion for people. If you read the entire Cindy George / Jeff Zack saga, you'll see that a "little" affair turned into rape, threats and then murder.

Cindy was not the trigger man. Was she the mastermind that everyone's making her out to be? I doubt it.

Heaven forbid you ever find yourself making a mistake and in jail and no one on the outside taking compassion upon you.
Sunny Ellis said…
Thanks for doing this. You have inspired me to try this myself soon. I'm planning on getting my own blog for profit site as soon as I can pay for the web hosting. I appreciate how you write.
blogpaul said…
You are not allowing comments on the LeBron story?
Hey Sunny - Glad you're getting into the blogging world!

Hey Hey Paul - You can't comment on LeBron? I wonder what's going on.

Thanks, let me check it out...
Bonnie Calhoun said…
Hey...there's no PayPer Post thumb's up picture...just a red 'X'

Hey...there's no comments link for the top posts...

Hey...uh, er...oh...that was a good post about not complaining...snort*...I've flipped the breacelet to the other arm so many times, that I forgot where I started...Mwhahaha!
Theo J. said…

Predicting the top stories does get you traffic. I too posted about Shaquanda Cotton and saw a significant increase in the number of unique visitors to the site. I didn't do it for that reason, but it was interesting to see it happen first-hand.

Now I just have to keep the new visitors there. Great post.

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