Did Rosalind Gardner rob my dad out of 47 bucks?


I just came back from Chicago -- today is Monday, November 24, 2008 -- and I still couldn't stay away from my blogs, like a forlorned lover.

Anyway, I feel severely impressed to update this post with a sort-of apology to Rosalind Gardner.

For 20 months after I wrote this original post, I'm still benefiting from the lesson I learned from reading Rosalind's book -- like "build a theme park, not a mall," when Ms. Gardner foresaw all those years ago that niche websites would rule.

And every 90 days, think of starting a new website. I've got a hankering to start another website -- and her words come back to me.

So while I still think 47 bucks may be a bit steep, I'm being blessed by the lessons learned therein, so I do recommend her book if you've got the money.

Forgive me, Rosalind. Carry forth and sell online!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Though I'm away from my Ohio Valley and here in Chicago, I can barely stay away from my blog. It calls me like a forlorned lover...

In between cleaning the grime out of my eldery father's grout, I've been helping him with his blog a bit, and checking out this Super Affiliates Handbook that he plunked down 47 bucks for.

Oh boy, I thought at first.

Here goes another one of those get-rich-quick-with-the-annoying-bright-splash-page kind of folks robbing people of their hardly-earned credit.

But I took time absorbing Rosalind Gardner and her claims in 'The Super Affiliate Handbook' that she made $436,797 in one year selling other people's stuff online last night and was able to learn some good tips.

I skimmed past pages of introductory fluff that left me saying:

"Just tell me how you made the $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online!"

Eventually, Rosalind delivered the goods (mostly) and inspired me, teaching me that:

* It's good to try a bunch of different affiliate programs (Commission Junction and others) and keep track monthly of your earnings to know who's paying the best.

* Keep a variety of these programs going, so you won't put all your eggs in one basket.

* Strive to get a 50% kickback off the products that you refer to other people. For example, if you lead a ton of customers to buy a product, work with the affiliate program managers to give you a better slice of the money you're making for them.

* Affiliates actually steal your affiliate pay! They do this by right-clicking on your affiliate link of a product they'd like to purchase, and before they buy it, they take off your affiliate ID and enter their own so they'll get a discount! (She includes a redirect method to prevent this stealing, so when I try it and ensure it works, I'll let you know. Please sign-up for daily updates to my blog so you can prevent your affiliate money from being taken.

* That yeah, my product blog might be a good start, but I really need to get off my duff and get my site with the domain name I've purchased up and running.

Of course, there's tons more info in Rosalind's nearly 300-page book that I need to absorb. In the meantime, take a gander at Rosalind's site and let me know what you think.

I'm really juiced about implementing her strategies, because I know for a fact that affiliate marketing DOES pay, 'cause my earnings are growing and growing.

And Gardner's book was just the impetus I needed to jump-start my earnings even more to do things I plan to do this summer, like spend more time taking care of my daddy and learning good stuff from him.

And as Rosalind Gardner also teaching in The Super Affliliate Handbook, don't let your readers leave your site without at least grabbing their email address. So please sign up to find out how much money I make thru this venture. Hopefully it'll help you too, if you're interested in making money off the products and services you write about anyway.

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Anonymous said…
Did you add your site at BLOGSEARCH
Bonnie Calhoun said…
You are making my head swim, but I'm trying to keep up! LOL
zaki said…
Good stuff that you are writing there. I'm learning about affiliate marketing at the same time. It has been a good solid income for some tiny fraction of the internet citizen. I hope we can learn the techniques and secrets to get some
piece of the affiliate market.

I look forward to learn more about it from you....
* Hey Balniketh, I'll check out that BlogSearch place in a minute...

* Hi Bonnie - Swim away!

* Zaki - Yes, this affiliate marketing stuff is fascinating. We'll see how much it pays...
JA Huber said…
I'm with Bonnie - lots to take in. Interesting about the right-click on an affiliate link so someone can get the discount. As always, thanks for sharing.
Great post. I had no idea that the affiliates were robbing me blind. I know I have lots of click thrus so I know something is going on. I am still learing all this stuff. You now have another daily reader - me.

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