666 Tattoo on Church Members? Jesus of Suburbia Convinced Them...

by Paula Neal Mooney



Those are the words that come to mind after I started researching a so-called preacher named Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda.

There's a Primetime special called Jesus of Suburbia coming this Tuesday about Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda.

He claims he is Jesus the Messiah, returned in the flesh.

But Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda strangely twists God's Word to say that he is the anti-Christ, too.

He's probably right on that last point...

Unfortunately, some of his followers are so hypnotized by Miranda that they've followed him straight to the tattoo parlor recently to get 666 tattoos.

Watch the video of Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda and his congregation.

I know the Lover of my soul, and all I can say is this Jesus of Suburbia ain't Him.

The real Jesus said:

"At that time if anyone says to you, 'Look, here is the Christ!' or, 'There he is!' do not believe it..." Matthew 24:23


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Laura said…
Oh my gosh!!

I just read about this guy in yesterday's newspaper. This is one scary news story!!!

If people would only get into the Word and read it for themselves, they wouldn't be so easily deceived.

Thanks for your excellent reporting on this one Paula.
Great post! I am a professional blogger now...I have my home page on firefox set to open 6 pages when I open in up in the morning..oh yes, you're in there!

Paula...do you realize that we may just see God before we die!!! How cool is that!!!
blogpaul said…
In case some of your didn't catch that...Christ is coming, SOON!!!
Jose said…

It just goes to show you how much like sheep humans really are. We are all hungering for someone or something to fill us and quacks like this man take advantage of that and profit from it. But don't worry, his time will come.

I just wish we didn't bear the same name!
zawadi said…
I really feel for the children who have parents that are a part of this so called Church. Well I guess It is a church,of "something." Even Satan is called a God. That's only a title anyway.Knowing God's name is the part where most are confused.
"The God of This World or Age (2 Cor. 4:4) The fact Satan is called, the god of this world (Greek, aionos, "age, course") may emphasize Satan's rulership over this final period or economy which is so marked by a growing increase in apostasy, deception, and moral decay. "
As I mentioned earlier, the Kids will be the ones who will suffer because I have read to many stories like this and I how they have had to deal with hardhsips as an adult because of what they are being brainwashed. God in Heaven Help these babies...

Interesting story Paula! And I love the passage you provided.
Yes, all.

Let's pray for these misled people to see the light!
JA Huber said…
I read about this last week. Craziness! I just wonder what people are doing that we DON'T know about.
Nilesh said…
does this mean that they can not go to heaven since they accepted the mark?? because after all blaspheming against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven right?
Nilesh said…
So does this mean that those involved in this cult wont be able to go to heaven since they took the mark, and now they have commited the unforgivable sin which is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, right? what i worry about is, how many more will believe in this and how many souls will be lost. What I dont understand is how in the world are all these people able to believe in this guy, I mean come on. When Christ comes every1 will know he is here. This is just terrible. we need to pray.. because the way I see it, this cult will actually advance it wont just stop here. after all the guy has people believing that "666" the most despised number in christianity is ok, because he said its ok to put on ur hand. this is just sad...
Exactly, Nilesh!

That's what the Bible says about Christ's coming: We will ALL know when He comes back.

We won't have to wonder.

EVERY knee shall bow and every tongue confess that thou are the Christ.

But I hope this doesn't prevent them from getting into heaven.

There is always room for change of heart and mind and prayer and growth.

Let's all pray for laser tattoo removal!!!!!
Manchild said…
Hello Paula,

Once again, another great post!!
The Book Of Jude warns us about what's coming and informs us about what to expect during this season of apostasy.

We need to make sure our children also know how to detect the apostates when they show up. Hopefully, this will serve as a wakeup call and remind us that it's later than we think.

Leon said…
That's friggin' scary! The Gospel corrupted and covered in the sweetness of church euphoria. I worry about the people he has corrupted. I hope they will come tio their senses soon enough.
plecksido said…
you people are as bad as this guy's congregation to call his church a farce.

just because you might put your faith in the catholic church or the mormon church or some ambiguous no-name christian church doesn't mean you're doing anything differently than the people who follow this man.

the only difference may be that your "church" is more widespread, has deeper roots in world history, and is more actively involved in the corruption that runs rampant in the nations of man.

the pope, gordon b. hinkley, mohammed, whoever.., they all claim to be "in with god" and dish out the orders and rake in the money accordingly, and you idiots follow one (or more) of them without even realizing you're doing it.

before you are so quick to criticize someone else's campaign, take the time to stop and think about why you subscribe to whatever particular code of ethics or "morality" do and ask yourself if these are beliefs you developed yourself, naturally, or were indoctrinated with, much the same way as the followers of this De Jesus guy.

for you to "pray to God" for his followers "lost souls" is exactly the kind of arrogant and misguided thinking about God and God's will that are going to lead you right over a cliff.

have fun with that.
Shawn said…
this 'Jesus' guy is a quack, plain and friggin' simple.

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