30,000 Bloggers: Scam, Linkbait or Revolution?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Yesterday I learned about a project called 30,000 Bloggers from Michael of The Digital Nomad .

Is the 30,000 bloggers some kind of linkbait scam, I wondered, always vigilant.

As of this writing, the valiant 30,000 bloggers project has 106 bloggers on their list -- yours truly being numero 106.

"When the list reaches 30,000, a date and a word will be listed on the page," say the 30,000 bloggers instructions.

What page? The BraveHumans.com 30,000 bloggers page?

So the majority of 30,000 bloggers will link to it?

And what word will 30,000 bloggers blog about on the same day?

And who will recognize the same word listed in 30,000 URLs and posts on the same day?

CNN? MSNBC? Larry King?

These are the questions that swirl around my mind regarding this 30,000 bloggers project.

Right or wrong, I'm on the 30,000 bloggers list.


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Jose Tudor said…
Hi Paula,

You'll never guess whose numero 107. I guess you were right, we are on each others heals.

Have a great day!

Brian said…
I'm glad you brought up the linkbaiting question. You are actually the first to do so, and I'm surprised we got over 100 sites before someone brought it up. I can see how the 30,000 bloggers effort could be seen as some kind of linkbait. It was one of the concerns when we came up with the idea. But we are really hoping it will be more of a revolution.

The reason we began the effort stems from the fact that while there are thousands of supporters for various causes, and they all blog about them, they are rarely synchronized. Our goal is to see what happens when you synchronize a large number of blogs, even in principle. How big of a noise can we make? If it works, then it would be a new way for political and social movements to garner attention. For example, 30,000 protesters would probably not even make the national news. Imagine what would happen if 30,000 blogs all wrote the same thing on the same day? 30,000 peace blogs, or 30,000 supporters of a particular political candidate. Right now, it is simply an experiment, trying to get 30,000 blogs to have posts with the same one-word title, writing about whatever they want.

We actually tried to mitigate the link-baiting aspect in several ways:

1. You are added to the list by an email. You do not have to visit a particular weblog and post a comment, so you are not required to add to the "readership" of BraveHumans or any other blog. The emails are deleted after a site is added to the list, so the only record is the list itself.

2. When you join the list, it links back to YOUR site. So you get a link for participating, even if you never mention the project on your site.

3. You are not required to link back to the list. You are not asked to become a member of any site.

4. Although the list is hosted on BraveHumans, the list page is not part of the BraveHumans site. It is an independent page. It has no hit counters, advertisements or anything else, and no-one is making money off the list.

5. The word chosen at the end will simply be an obscure english word that would not usually show up daily conversation. It will not have any political or commercial implications, and it will not make reference to BraveHumans or any other blog. The purpose of having an obscure word as the title is to see how the word shows up on Technorati or other index sites, as a measure of how large the project was.

In fairness, if the project grows many WILL link to BraveHumans, and many will check out the BraveHumans blog out of curiosity if nothing else. But that is not our goal. Our hope is that we really can make a noise.
Hey Jose! Glad you're on the list too...

Thanks, Brian, for responding so quickly and thoroughly to the 30,000 bloggers questions that folks will probably ask.

Hope great things come of this 30,000 bloggers project!

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