Unrequited Lust: A Brief Encounter

by Paula Neal Mooney

Back during one "winter of my discontent," I went thru an old movie-watching phase. With the sliding glass door of our Richton Park, Illinois, apartment taped closed to alleviate heat-leakage, I alleviated my cabin fever with movies like Butterfield 8 and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, starring the exquisite and violet-eyed Elizabeth Taylor.

Perhaps that was when I fell in love with my absolute favorite old movie of all time, Sunset Boulevard, starring the delectable and dodgy and beautiful William Holden.

These thoughts came to mind when I caught The Saturday Early Show's segment yesterday called Movies to Hit the Love Spot.

On it they featured a movie called Brief Encounter, which, though I've get to view it, harkened back to those cozy pre-kid days of just me falling in love with slightly sepia images and slowly unfurling storylines.

Described as a movie wherein a housewife and married man fall in love but never have a physical affair, Brief Encounter is "...a masterpiece of 'holding back' and...all about sacrifice and keeping things together...brimming with the unexpressed and un-acted-upon," said Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum.

"My favorite kind of movie," Lisa continued.

I concur, along with David Edelstein, a contributor for CBS Sunday Morning, who said, "Unconsummated love is the best kind."

I agree with them.

Some modern-day movies are so quick to cut to the dirty deed done dirt cheap, they forget about pining, and that it is usually best not to act upon our impulses.

One that remembers the torture of lust-fulfilled is the intelligent Woody Allen thriller, Match Point.

I've seen Match Point in full before, but only in snatches last evening because my daughter was wandering in and out of the room.

(Not a movie for kids...some would argue not a movie for adults, either.)

Starring the come-hither Scarlett Johansson as the mistress of absolutely smoldering Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Match Point shows viewers just how horribly life can go wrong when lust is requited.

I'll take my longings unrequited, thank you very much.

It's much more interesting, mysterious and healthier that way.

Besides, I must keep those words of Yeshua deep in my being about the sins of adultery:

"But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
I'm not really into love movies, more of an action/adventure lara Croft tombRaider type....but what the devil is that tool thingy at the top of the post...that's the description I was looking for...LOL!!!
What "tool thingy"? Cool thingy?

The unrequited lust thing? Like unrequited -- unfulfilled -- love.

It can be so bittersweet, and better than the shenanigans that the enemy tries to tempt us into commiting.

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