Sign Up for New Google Adwords CPC Beta to Up Your Google Adsense Revenue

by Paula Neal Mooney

For folks who advertise their websites using Google Adwords, the big news today is that Google is adding a cost-per-click, or CPC, bidding option that Google Adwords advertisers have long wanted.

Until that point, Google Adwords advertisers had only the cost-per-thousand impressions, or CPM, to contend with.

I started my first Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to my dad's tax blog.

Now I'm all over this new Google Adwords CPC Beta, which is letting some advertisers sign up now before it launches next month.

I don't know if they're looking for the Google Adwords heavy-hitters to become a part of the new Google CPC Bidding Beta, but sign up anyway if you're a Google Adwords user.

If you're not a Google Adwords advertiser and you want to be, just check out my sidebar to the left for the link to Join Google Adwords and start running a new campaign.

But be warned, the minimum campaign is $30 per month -- read all their Google Adwords fine print!

Then sign up for the new Google Adwords CPC Beta program and see what happens.

Who knows?

Google Adword's new CPC bidding option may put a whole lot more money in your Google Adsense account than the CPM method did.

I know I'm praying it does mine...

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Laura said…
Let us know how this works!!!

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