One Million Pageviews in Six Months

by Paula Neal Mooney

Many of you may already know that I write for Associated Content, a site that's recently come up with a cool enhancement that lets writers track the pageview count of each of their published articles. (Thanks, theBarefoot, for making me aware of this!)

A long time in the making, this much-desired feature can be found under the content producer's "My Content" tab.

Associated Content is still working out the kinks in this beta pageview feature, but once it all shakes down I pray the below stats will be congruent with what my clout index amazingly reflects: that in the six months since I've joined Associated Content and published 113 articles, those pieces have received a combined total of one million pageviews.

This morning I cut and pasted the pageview stats I've received thus far (which total close to half-a-million but should be updated soon, AC says) into Excel and sorted them in descending order.

And what have I learned from this sampling of my top Movers & Shakers listed below?

People like celebrity news that's not well-covered in the media -- chiefly African-American issues.

Viewers click on hotbed issues like abortion and racism issues.

Getting a breaking news story printed with AC -- who is once again listed in Google News -- hurray! -- will bring pageviews especially if it's one of the first and featured prominently with a pic like my Clemson MLK story.

And what have I leared thus far from the sampling of my least moved and hardly shaken pieces?

People don't like boring headlines about boring stuff.

So there you have it. No matter what site you write for, study your stats. You learn lots.

Date Printed Title and Pageviews
11/2/2006 Lil Wayne and Baby Kissing PhotoRapper Admits it is Rea... 180,792
11/24/2006 Beyonces Master Cleanser Diet Fast Helped Her Lose 20 P...48,677
10/17/2006 Flavor of Loves Toastee 20,099
9/29/2006 Rev Runs Babys Death Should MTV Show It 19,294
10/20/2006 Gold Bottles of that Ace of Spades 16,875
12/6/2006 Laura Mallory LaneIs She Really Behind the Jennifer Ani... 14,406
11/29/2006 Will Sam Moran Replace Greg Page from the Wiggles 10,680
11/28/2006 Carmen Bryans Memoir Its No Secret From Nas to JayZ fro... 8,517
9/19/2006 Why You Should Watch Greys Anatomys Season 3 Premiere 8,388
12/8/2006 Ellen Pompeos Playboy Pics Reveal 7,719
10/25/2006 What Race is Barack Obama Barack Obama Age Barack Obama... 7,057
9/22/2006 The Black Paris Hilton Genevieve Jones Mysterious Girl 6,899
11/1/2006 Abbie Cornish Photos Surge in Popularity 6,827
11/7/2006 Tyra Banks Cries Over Basketball Star ExBoyfriend 5,788
08/21/2006 10 Legitimate Ways StayatHome Moms Can Make Their Own M... 5,344
10/13/2006 Attack of the Lad and Old Geezer Mags 5,004
09/04/2006 You Cheated Should You Confess 4,749
1/28/2007 Angelina Jolie Mourns Mother She Called Her Best Friend... 4,738
11/26/2006 Chanels Black Nail Polish Selling for 100 Bucks a Bottl... 4,494
10/18/2006 Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice Expecting a Childor Two 3,901
11/20/2006 Kramer Yells Ner in Video from Laugh Factory 3,722
08/23/2006 My Night with Dave Chappelle on Tour 3,566
1/30/2007 Clemson MLK Day Party Mocking Blacks Stirs Up Controver... 3,405
9/12/2006 Top Ten Songs by James BluntA ModernDay Bob Dylan Voici... 3,261
10/9/2006 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Together Again 3,129
10/14/2006 Popular Blogger Dooce Settles Lawsuit 3,061
09/05/2006 40 Things to Do Before You Turn 40 3,027
9/18/2006 New to Associated Content Raise Your Clout Index 2,889
10/4/2006 We Had Abortions Tooand Now We Are Prolife 2,620
10/30/2006 Reese Witherspoon Getting Divorced from Ryan Phillippe 2,434
11/28/2006 Digital Camera for Kids Called KidTough Digital Camera ... 2,401
12/29/2006 The View May Hire Sherri Shepherd 2,385
10/17/2006 Wesley Snipes Tax Woes May Get Him 16 Years in Prison 2,303
12/13/2006 George and Callie Wedding on Greys Anatomy 2,185
12/11/2006 Striding Nude Blue DressThe Painting of the Wife of Ton... 2,003
9/27/2006 Selling Adultery Darren Morgensterns Website Helps Marr... 1,784
10/12/2006 Madonna Adoption of Black Baby Criticized 1,780
12/27/2006 Ann Coulter Calls Kwanzaa a Lunatic Blend of Black Raci... 1,569
12/1/2006 Eminems PreUp Mixtape LyricsIs Eminem Predicting His Ow... 1,564
9/15/2006 Are Smart StayatHome Moms Wasting Their Brains 1,422
10/19/2006 Pregnant Woman Who Shot Herself in Stomach and Killed B... 1,390
10/27/2006 Cocaine Energy Drink Pulled from 7Eleven Shelves 1,387
12/24/2006 Beyonce Refuses to Rush JayZ into Marriage and Fatherho... 1,352
08/30/2006 Laid Off 10 Ways to Get Back on Your Feet 1,328
10/5/2006 An Interview with Associated Contents CEO Luke Beatty 1,248
12/14/2006 Duke Rape Accuser Has Baby 1,153
10/15/2006 Was it Really Rape 1,120
12/21/2006 The Vixen Diaries Karrine Steffans SixFigure Followup t... 1,117
12/12/2006 Mal Lane Speaks the Girl Accused of Breaking Up Jen and... 1,108
10/27/2006 Deliver Us from Evil Movie Trailer 1,052
10/2/2006 Sexless Men 1,025
08/22/2006 Writers How to Pitch Your Stories to an Editor 938
9/13/2006 Segregated Survivor Island Life in Black and White and ... 929
12/16/2006 PlayStation3 and Wii Available for Sale on Amazon to Se... 860
11/28/2006 Paul Mooney on Michael Richards He Cured Me of Using th... 786
1/30/2007 Two Kappa Alpha Psi Members from FAMU Receive Prison Se... 784
10/11/2006 Corey Lidle Told the New York Times that His Cirrus SR2... 748
10/15/2006 Two Strong Earthquakes Rock Hawaii 731
11/30/2006 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Engaged to Be Married 707
10/24/2006 Increase Pageviews on Associated Content Using These Ti... 688
1/13/2007 Making 13299497 In Google Adsense Revenue in One Month 653
12/30/2006 15 Seconds CBS and YouTube Video Contest Winner Will Ai... 639
10/12/2006 Mel Gibson Admits Drinking Before and After ArrestStill... 634
1/29/2007 Toni Braxton Breaks Down and Cries on the View Over Aut... 553
12/19/2006 Halle Berrys New CD Titled Halle 549
12/14/2006 Star Jones Comeback on Radio One 534
1/1/2007 Make a Real Living Off Your Blog in 2007 518
1/24/2007 Greys Anatomy Show Creator Speaks Out About AntiGay Con... 506
10/22/2006 The Departed Box Office Take Over 77 Million and Counti... 492
12/18/2006 I Want Plastic Surgery 491
12/26/2006 Digg Bans Legitimate URLs and Draws Fire from the Blogo... 490
12/9/2006 How to Get People to Read Your Blog 480
11/6/2006 CBS Debuts the Medical Drama 3 Lbs on November 14 460
11/19/2006 Bamn Bamn Bamn the Food Automat is Back 441
11/7/2006 Britney Spears Files for Divorce from Kevin Federline 416
11/1/2006 Alist Blogger Robert Scoble of Scobleizer Interviewed 416
12/20/2006 Reports of Halle Berrys New Music CD May Be a Hoax 377
10/6/2006 Google May Buy YouTube for 16 Billion 356
1/29/2007 Brandy May Face One Year in Jail 350
9/21/2006 My Angry Mother My Angry Self 321
1/4/2007 ProfileLinker Launches and Lets Users Sync Profiles Acr... 318
10/16/2006 Blog Spotlight on Peter Mooney of the Smoking Christian... 305
12/22/2006 Wanna Get Listed on Google News Use American Chronicle ... 286
1/4/2007 I Dont like the Feeling in My Gut 278
1/16/2007 Does Diggcom Hate Black People 236
1/24/2007 Exhusband of Terry McMillan Signs Book Deal for Fiction... 223
1/23/2007 Police Think Amber Alert Indiana Mom and Kids Are Still... 212
9/30/2006 Ten Kooky Commandments for Christian Workers 206
9/18/2006 Motherless 190
09/16/2006 To Work or Stay Home that is the 64000year Question 186
12/23/2006 LoudLaunchcom Launches and Prepares to Pay Bloggers 180
11/27/2006 Pam Anderson and Kid Rock to Divorce 171
09/16/2006 My Favorite Child 157
11/21/2006 Orblecom Pays Bloggers 40 Per Week 153
11/29/2006 HP Digital Cameras Make You Look Skinnier 149
1/16/2007 SponsoredReviewscom Will Pay Bloggers Up to 1000 Per Po... 146
10/20/2006 North Korea Promises No More Nuclear Tests 138
12/17/2006 Ten Good Gifts for Bloggers 125
11/8/2006 Slave to Target Blog Has Comforted Over 15 Million Addi... 122
1/3/2007 Is Starbucks a ModernDay Slavemaster 108
12/12/2006 PointandShoot Camcorder on Sale Today for Only $85.99 107
11/9/2006 Ed Bradley Dead at Age 65 99
9/5/2006 Looking for Mr Byline 98
10/26/2006 Fall BackDaylight Savings Time Change This Weekend 94
11/12/2006 ReviewMecom Burning Up the Paid Blogosphere 91
10/29/2006 Catch Breaking News Using These Tips 91
1/9/2007 Yahoo Buys MyBlogLog for 10 Million Dollars or More 89
12/16/2006 Blog Faster Get Paid More Money 89
11/16/2006 Im on the Hunt for a New Cell Phone 86
1/7/2007 Are We All Lonesome Fame Junkies 80
2/5/2007 How I Doubled My Pageviews Overnight for Free 58
11/14/2006 InkersBizFor Writers Who Have it All Together 27
2/6/2007 Atoosacom Launches to Legions of Web Fans 0

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BJ said…
Hello,I'm BJ I just stopped by to view your site and say God Bless You.

Here are my sites.
Laura said…
Congratulations Paula!!! You have an awesome knack for finding just the right thing to write about to draw the page viewers.
Thanks, Laura. Yeah, I love the way God guides me and leads me to stuff I'd never know about without Him...

It's amazing how He can touch all aspects of our lives: our careers, our health, our finances, our feelings. I just love Him!
Tisha! said…
Girl, you always find a HOT title and create GREAT content...such an inspiration! many hugz
Martin Lindsey said…
'Nother great tip. Here's me being a copy cat. I'll probably blog-hit you up for some design tips during the week.
Thanks, Tisha - Yeah, I love those titles that grab attention and make people want to read...

Hey, Martin - No problem, hit up away and I'll spill whatever I've learned thru trial and error about Blogger...
JA Huber said…
Well done! Not only do you have a snappy, fresh style but you're always willing to share and help others. It's much appreciated. Thank you :)
K. K. said…
Hi, Paula, your strategy of working just inspires me alot. I have just joined AC and working my way to earn.

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