Let it Go Video by Kirk Franklin and Toby Mack?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Man, I caught a Let it Go performance by Kirk Franklin last night on the Stellar Awards.

It was amazing.

Let it Go is a highly-personal song off Kirk Franklin's Hero CD, which I seriously am going to buy now.

Kirk ain't no faking church boy!

He's the real deal: a Christian who is honest with his struggles over pornography and stuff...

And was that Toby Mack singing the Tears for Fears "Shout, Shout" chorus from their Songs from the Big Chair that I LOVED in high school and made me want to shave half my head bald?


Now I'm in hot search for the Let it Go video by Kirk Franklin.

Thanks to Gospel Flava for the hook up on the audio:

Listen to “Let It Go” right here:

Now can someone please hook me up with the Let it Go video?

Or does it not exist yet?

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Check out the Let it Go lyrics by Kirk Franklin:

My momma gave me up when I was four years old
She didn’t destroy my body but she killed my soul
Now it’s cold ‘cause I’m sleeping in my back seat
I understand the spirit’s willing but my flesh is weak

Let him speak, let me speak

I never had a chance to dream
Ten years old and finding love in dirty magazines
Ms. December you remember I bought you twice
Now I’m thirty plus and still paying the price

Had a sister that I barely knew
Kind of got separated by the age of two
Same momma different daddy so we couldn’t fake it
I saw my sister’s daddy beat her in the tub naked

Take it serious the demons in a man’s mind
The same man on rape charges now he’s doing time
Crack followed and like daddy prison thirteen years
Haven’t seen her, I guess she’s traded tears for fears


Shout, Shout, let it all out
These are the things I can do without so come on
Come on I’m talking to you, so come on

Sex was how I made it through
Without someone to teach you love what else is there to do
See where I’m from they call you gay
Say you ain’t a man, show them you ain’t no punk
Get all the girls you can, a simple plan...that still haunts me even now today

Back to seventeen and got a baby on the way
No GED all I see is failure in my eyes, if you’re listening and remember I apologize
I was raised falling in the church
Made mistakes and heard the Lord’s calling in the church

After service in the parking lot getting high
Wanted to be accepted so bad I was willing to die
Even tried to tell the Pastor, but he couldn’t see
Years of low self-esteem and insecurities

Church taught me how to shout and how to speak in tongues
But preacher, teach me how to live now when the tongue is done, help me



See I, See I, I just wanna let it go, just wanna let it go, just let it go
Jesus please, on my knees can’t You hear me crying
You said to put it in Your hands and Lord I’m really trying

You wasn’t lying when You said You reap what you sow
Like that night momma died, it’s hard to let it go

You adopted me, cared for me, changed my name
But I cursed at You, lied to You and left You pain
It’s not strange I can still see it in my head
To know for hours You were lying there in that bed

If you’re listening to this record
If it’s day or night
If your momma is still living treat your momma right
Don’t be like me and let that moment slip away
And be careful ‘cause you can’t take back what you say

To my real momma if you’re listening I’m letting it go
To my father, I forgive you,
‘cause you didn’t know that the pain was the preparation for my destiny
And one more thing Lord let my son be a better man than me


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Mshairi said…
Hi Paula, thanks for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated!

I will be sure to check out the videos
That Journalist said…
That Hero CD is amazing...I have 2 copies :)
kystorms said…
wow, that is amazing! I have heard his stuff back in the mid 90s but this is sure great! The words are too powerful.
Now I have another CD I need :-) thanks for letting us know about it.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
That is really powerful. I've heard it before, but haven't had the time to go and pick it up...guess I'd better!
Jose said…
That's a powerful song.

When I was a kid I poked fun and laughed at Jimmy Swaggart when he confessed his sin, but I don't laughing any more. Sexual sin is no joke! It cuts deep, and lingers for a long time. You can hear it in his voice.
Thanks mshairi - Reminds me of my cheri amour!

Tara - Two copies! It must be good.

Lisa - Yes, Kirk has been around for a while now, hasn't he?

Bonnie - I know. Folks have been talking about Hero for a long time now but I hadn't thought about really buying it till I heard this song.

Hey Jose - I know, right? I like that Kirk was bold enough to go on Oprah and confess his addiction to pornography -- addiction that had him driving to toss the porno mags in the dumpster in the middle of the night.

Then later he went out in his pjs to retrieve them from the garbage.

"Like a dog returning to his vomit..." the Bible says.

But yeah, Kirk is so real about his struggles and victories in Christ.

He says he's no longer addicted.

And it takes such a big person to expose their own sin to the world before God humbles them and does it for them!
Laura said…
I've heard both Kirk Franklin and Toby Mac sing. They're terrific!

It's heartening to know that they would use their talent for Christ when they could just as easily use them for themselves.
Martin Lindsey. said…
Man I'm having all kinds of music flashbacks. I'll be humming the Tears for Fears original "Shout" all day now.

Glad to hear the victorious overcoming process for Kirk Franklin too. Kirk can express it in his music and the creative process was, I'm sure, very theraputic in helping him to "let it go".

Seems his youth was crowded with isses that are still a major deal for young people. Young boys' manhood is still challenged - including the Christians boys - if they're not trying to knock up every girl with a pulse, so bravo for the personal witness Mr. Franklin.

On a lighter note, is Kirk biting off all of his favorite secular hits on this album? "Ive Been Looking for You" was a jam by The Emotions back in the late 70's. C'mon Kirk, let's get back to some original composition.

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