I Hate Urban Myth Emails

by Paula Neal Mooney

I hate fear-mongering emails about cell phones exploding at gas station pumps.

I dislike the way certain emails -- like the one about the fake baby cries that forced women to exit their homes and get attacked -- kept my friend up at night, unable to sleep.

And it gets on my nerves too, Bonnie, when folks don't trim all that text off the top of their forwarded emails.

And finally, though I love being nosey and seeing who folks have included in their email lists, I know other folks get annoyed when people don't protect their email addresses and blind copy their whole lists.

This is all a preface to explain why I usually don't talk about stuff like this, but when my friend forwarded me this You Tube video literally showing purses being stolen at gas pumps, I figured it is a good, valid waring.

So there's my public service duty for the day. Lock those car doors.

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Laura said…
Yep! That's why I dislike forwarded emails so much. I remember when I was fairly new to the net I got a "prayer request" forwarded for some kid in Africa who was dying of a parasite infection. I naively put it on the prayer list in my church and in my prayer group. Later I found out that the e-mail was over 10 years old!! The kid had been cured and grown up for years. I had to go back and apologize to everybody. Take the time to check it out folks!!
Yeah, my sister hates those too.

But I'm glad they have a bunch of myth-buster sites out there now where we can validate outrageous claims.

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