Day Job Killer: Who is Chris McNeeney and Should I Give him $77?

by Paula Neal Mooney

While some folks slave away today at their day jobs, sneaking breaks to check out the latest Paris Hilton video gone viral, the rest of the net is all abuzz with folks quietly preparing to make a financial killing off the Day Job Killer, a new ebook launched yesterday by Chris McNeeney.

Day Job Killer this, Day Job Killer that, I keep reading. What the heck is this Day Job Killer?

Though I can't find nary a pic of Chris McNeeney on Google or Yahoo, turns out his prior ebooks Adwords Miracles and Affiliate Project X moved some serious copies, breaking all kinds of records.

Just Google Chris McNeeney and Day Job Killer and you'll see what I mean. If the Day Job Killer author were some fly-by-night guy with no results, he wouldn't get this much print.

This is the perfect time for me to buy the Day Job Killer -- I'm set to purchase a Google AdWords campaign for my dad's tax blog and I need the info that purports to help people make $100 from a $10 AdWords campaign, as well as over $100k per year.

I know the Lord led me to the Day Job Killer for a reason, always telling me like he told Abraham, "I will bless you and make you a blessing."

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kystorms said…
Paula, if this really seems worth it to you to buy, will you let us know what you think of it after? I have been seeking something "real" for some time now, hopefully this will be it.
MsJayy said…
Are you really going to purchase it? I got some info on it today also & I've been wavering. Hmmm. Let us know what you think.
Yeah, I really believe I'm gonna buy it. Plus, I don't want to spend more than $77 for it so I want to buy it before it goes up.

As soon as I do, I'll come back and update what I think of it.

Stay tuned...
Okay, now I'm getting leery of plunking down the 77 bucks.

I just found this thread from a woman who has experience with Chris McNeeney, and though she made money initially from one of his programs, she says he kinda outbid his own affiliates.

And then I found this post called I Did Not Buy Day Job Killer from some guy.

I wish I could just get an excerpt and try one technique before I bought it. I don't know...follow at your own discretion...
Well, I haven't plunked down my 77 bucks yet but other folks sure have.

I've read that Day Job Killer has sold 8,000 copies or more in the first week!

That means Chris has grossed at least $616,000!

And I see some positive posts out there.

Anyhoo, here's Chris promo video:
Martin Lindsey. said…
Put me in the mix with everybody else awaiting your final advisory on this one Paula. A good e-book is invaluable. That's why I bought one of Angela Booth's which has attachments from Tinu and one or two others. Not sure when I can afford to plunk down $77.00. Maybe you'll say that I can't afford not to but in the mean time I'm still getting plenty each day out of Booth's book. I will stand by and hear what you have to say though.
Hey Martin - Well, according to an email I received from the Day Job Killer team, Chris McNeeney actually sold 9,000 copies in the first week alone.

That's close to $700,000 in seven days!

So maybe people are really getting something out of it.

Of course, me..I'm trying to find out as much as I can for free right now!
Simon Harding said…
People should be aware that Chris has a new product out that updates this. Check out my blog for the latest news - if you are behind in IM, you loose

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