Cures for Blogger's Block

by Paula Neal Mooney

We've all heard of writer's block.

But what's a blogger to do when they get stumped for ideas?

Okay, it's not like I'm short of ideas. Ideas follow me and swirl around in my head daily.

Any number of topics have sailed thru my mind:

Should I write about R. Kelly's appendix bursting, thus delaying his child molesting trial?

What about Ludacris' subtle diss of Oprah and Bill O'Reilly at the Grammys last night?

What about the methadone found in Anna Nicole Smith's refrigerator?

How 'bout that mom in Austria who locked her kids away for seven years in darkness?

None of that stuff is floating my boat right now.

So I might as well write about what I just did for the past hour or so to cure blogger's block:

1 - Surf and other news sites for interesting stories. Chuck them all.

2 - Update a different blog by scraping someone else's content. (Not all of it, just a teaser and gave full credit to the New York Times.)

3 - Write a blog post about your inability to post.

4 - Read your friends' blogs and leave comments galore.

5 - Leave your drafty sitting room and go to bed. It's 2:02 a.m.! Good day, all.

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Laura said…
I'm glad to see you overcame your blogger's block!

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