Cult Killer: Ricky Rodriguez' Revenge Against the Family of God

by Paula Neal Mooney

I don't know how many of you caught 20/20's two-hour special about revenge last night, which devoted an entire hour to the new movie Cult Killer, a documentary about Rick Rodriguez, but it was amazing.

And it's beyond sad when people pervert the Word of God and turn it into something weird that serves their own demonic doings. That's what a group dubbed both "The Family" and "Children of God" did, led by David Berg.

That's David Berg in this photo with his "foster" son, Ricky Rodriguez, a little boy who suffered untold sexual abuse. Ricky Rodriguez is the focal point of the new documentary Cult Killer: The Rick Rodriguez Story.

Unfortunately, the abuse Rick Rodriguez suffered -- part of it chronicled in Cult Killer -- drove him to kill and commit suicide and turned him against the real King of kings, Christ.

Watch a preview of Cult Killer: The Rick Rodriguez Story here, but be warned, it contains cursing -- I couldn't find a version that had the expletives bleeped out.

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Tisha! said…
So heartbreaking Paula!

I've often wondered what draws certain people to cults and others to stay away from them...could it be the desire to be loved? The need for "family"? I can't get my head around it.

Those people are not Christians, the Bible says:
"Parents, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. -Ephesians 6:4

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