Bill Maher's New Black Girlfriend?

by Paula Neal Mooney

I woke up thinking about Bill Maher.

Perhaps this is because just a few hours before I went to bed, I was arguing with 51-year-old Bill Maher.

Calm down, people. I'm not his latest piece of carmel arm candy.

Bill Maher was once again pontificating on his new season of Real Time With Bill Maher this weekend.

"I think all religions are crazy," said Maher, dogging out Mormons whilst encircling both his ears with his pointers.

"That's a religion!" I argued back. "Believing in nothing is its own religion!"

My hubby bristled while I ranted quietly, "This is exactly what Ann Coulter writes about in Godless: The Church of Liberalism!"

(Ann Coulter, by the way, recently gave a suprising blurb to liberal writer and genius Michael Eric Dyson for his new Debating Race book. Maybe she's trying to quell the whole Kwanzaa mess. Maybe I am, too.)

But back to Bill Maher.

Like Prince sang, "I -- how you say? -- I wonder you."

What makes this funny man tick?

His Real Time With Bill Maher is intelligent and infuriating and addictive all at once. And hilarious at times, even when Maher bombs.

I must admit I can't wait till Karrine Steffans' new The Vixen Diaries book comes out, because I heard that she will discuss her relationship with Bill Maher.

I want to know how his mind works...

I want to know what they discussed...

I can't help but chuckle that if I were a decade younger and implanted up to my chin, transforming myself into Bill Maher-material, a marriage between us would be more like that famous politics-making-strange-bedfellows couple James Carville and Mary Matalin.

But it seems that Steffans' is the most long-term relationship Maher has had with any number of the string of black women on his arm as over the years.

Turns out one black female, Nancy aka Coco Johnson, tried to get money out of Bill Maher.

What a mess.

If Demond Wilson called Redd Foxx's spate of dating Asian women the "Orient Express," what shall we dub Bill Maher and his black beauties? His "Midnight Run?"

I joke because Bill Maher's latest string of dates with African-American women -- so varied that I can barely find names of them all -- seem more like an attempt to prove his uber-liberalism or shock value more than real affection.

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Anonymous said…
Hmmm! Once again Paula, you're on top of the celebrity scene.

I feel so out of touch. I don't even know who these people are (what does that say about me?).

You're right, it does take more faith to believe there is no god than to believe in God. ("The heavens declare His majesty...")

Unfortunately, faith in no god is the religion of our time and culture.

Good reporting!!!
Laura said…
Yikes! I didn't mean to post anonymously.
No problem, Laura!

I knew that sounded like someone I know. God bless you for all your Christian wisdom and responses to my posts.

It's really helpful to have other members of the body of Christ support me.

Uh oh...looks like I'm gonna have lefty ads popping up now that I've written about Bill Maher!

Happy Day,
DanMac said…
i cant believe how many models and what not bill maher gets. hes such a tool.
That Journalist said…
Hey Paula, this goes along with ur last post...but on that Kirk Franklin CD, "Without You" is my favorite song...I try to remember the lyrics whenever I'm feeling particularly frustrated...It's become my motto.
Anonymous said…
Honestly, I don't think Mahr is dating Black women for shock value or to prove his liberalism - Mahr has been dipping into the chocolate jar forever, and its not as though he broadcast it; others make it a topic of conversation far more than he does.

And as someone who is definitely not Christian (or atheist), I can say that I find the hardcore Christian view and the hardcore atheist view both disturbing because they lack any flexibilty. Both views tend to be too rigid and ignore obvious logistical flaws.
MsJayy said…
Curious-er things have happened than Bill Maher dating women of color. He doesn't ever seem to make a big deal of it - whomever he's dating. He is an interesting animal though, I'll give him that.