Anna Nicole Smith: Cause of Death?

by Paula Neal Mooney

"Anna Nicole Smith Dead," read the headline that just made me gasp. I poked around several news stories to confirm that Anna Nicole Smith has died at the young age of 39.

Now I can't help but wonder what was the cause of death of Anna Nicole, the "blonde bombshell" whom no doubt will forever draw endless comparisons to another tragically famous blonde who lived her life "like a candle in the wind" -- Marilyn Monroe.

Edwina Johnson, Broward County Medical Examiner's Office chief investigator, has said that Anna Nicole's cause of death is under investigation and that an autopsy will be performed tomorrow.

I'll bet almost anything that Anna Nicole's autopsy report will reflect drugs in Anna Nicole's system as the cause of death.

I've been watching Anna Nicole on ET lately and she seemed dead already -- under the influence of some kind of potent painkillers. So sad.

But I'll always remember Anna Nicole like in this Guess ad, when she became famous to the world. It was one of Anna Nicole's Guess ads like this that made me take a second look as I was leaving my health club one day years ago.

Not just struck by Anna Nicole's beauty, I was happy that Guess saw fit to hire a model that wasn't rail thin. Anna Nicole had a kind of Jean Harlow or otherwordly beauty. Who could've known that Anna Nicole's story would end like this? Only God. I pray she's with Him now.

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That Journalist said…
You know what's amazing? I had just read this and then popped on over to your blog to see what you had to say about it because I just knew you had something up...You're faster than a lot of the other news outlets....

But yes, I was stunned. First her 20 year old son, then she has a brand new baby, then she dies? How tragic. And with those paternity questions, I hope they do find out who is that kid's father because he deserves to have at least one parent.
kystorms said…
I am glad to see your post about Anna, I was not a fan per se , but I was always astounded at her courage and the life she seemed to radiate -until recently. I felt so bad for her when she lost her son, and now this.
I do know she has been taken home, now she wont feel that pain any longer.
Laura said…
You know Paula, I thought the exactly the same thing when I read the report--drugs. But the really sad thing is that she just had a child and now that child is without a mother. I wish people would remember to think about their children when they start abusing themselves with substances. Good reporting!!
Jose said…
Hello Paula,

It was indeed sad to hear of Anna's untimely death. I was shocked at the news because while I was having lunch a CNN report was playing on the overhead TV, with the sound turned down. So, I was not aware that they were reporting her death, only that she was in the news again. And as it goes with celebrity news, you tend not to pay attention after a while (at least I do anyway). When I got back to the office I saw the headline on Yahoo that she had died. It was shocking, especially since she was only 39.

Tragedies like this cause me to reflect on the brevity of life, and the reflection is even more potent when that life is not fully lived. It puts things into perspective.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
It was truly sad, but after her son's tragic death, she was like a walking dead woman.

I never expected her to make it without that boy! how tragic that two lives were snuffed out so untimely, and both because of drugs.

When will people learn!
Tisha! said…
so tragic, i was truly shocked when i first heard about
MsJayy said…
I was caught by surprise when I first heard this. How sad. I pray that her spirit is finally at rest.
Anonymous said…
I am sickened and enraged how her son and then she can be killed for her money. Her beloved son, and heir to her millions, died in very suspicious circumstances in September. Howard K. Stern, her creepy jewish lawyer boyfriend, arranged his own marriage to Nicole two weeks later. In the middle of October Nicole's mother went on CNN to say she blamed Stern for her grandson's death and warned her daughter she might be next:

Anna reacted angrily:
I know how she is thinking there completely. I had a jewish friend who turned me against my family, the people who actually cared for me.

I saw this on the news. Poor white girl was surrounded by jews - lawyers, make up artists, porn barons, all the people she trusted. Hustled away and killed for her money. It was no more a sophisticated crime as that - killed for her money like a cheap street robbery. You can take the jew out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the jew. Stay away from the ghetto.
James said…
Tragic, larger than life, hot,pop star with out talent, she will be missed except for the former step children
JA Huber said…
Even days later, it's still hard to believe Anna Nicole is gone. I was also happy seeing her as a model with curves and flesh. I am sure she has found peace.
More clues to Anna Nicole Smith's cause of death even before the autopsy results have been released:

TMZ is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith's cause of death is most likely related to the methadone found in Anna Nicole Smith's refrigerator.

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